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C116/216 - Surface and Interface Engineering - Fall 2003

Syllabus (pdf)  Updated 10/3/03!

Lecture: MW 12-1:50pm, Boelter Hall 9463
Discussion: F 10-11am, Royce 160
Office Hours: R 3-5pm, Boelter Hall 5532-D (Prof. Chang)
F 3-5pm, Boelter Hall 54045 (TA)
TA's: Trinh Van (, Gangyi Chen (

Original Articles from Class Presentations (12/3/03)
PDF format

Quasi-Collective Motion of Nanoscale Metal Strings in Metal Surfaces  (Comment Replies)
(presented by Jinsong and Shannon)

Dense Packing and Symmetry in Small Clusters of Microspheres  (Comment Replies)
(presented by Tim and Teresa)

Real-Time Monitoring of Growing Nanoparticles
  (Comment Replies)
(presented by Dong and Dohyun)

The Interface Phase and the Schottky Barrier for a Crystalline Dielectric on Silicon  (Comment Replies)
(presented by Fei and Annie)

Nanoparticles with Raman Spectroscopic Fingerprints for DNA and RNA Detection   (Comment Replies)
(presented by Yan and Bei)

Lubrication by Charged Polymers  (Comment Replies)
(presented by Kuo-Chang and Steve)

Original Articles from Class Presentations (11/19/03)
PDF format

Surface-Stress-Induced Phase Transformation in Metal Nanowires   (Comment Replies)
(presented by Kim and Jee)

Controlled Surface Charging as a Depth-Profiling Probe for Mesoscopic Layers   (Comment Replies)
(presented by Mike and Soonmok)

A Reversibly Switching Surface   (Comment Replies)
(presented by Jongok and Desiree)

Single-Crystal Gallium Nitride Nanotubes   (Comment Replies)
(presented by Chien-Lung and Michal)

Small Diameter Silicon Nanowire Surfaces   
(Comment Replies)
(presented by Ruichao, Carey, Stephen)

Oxygen-Mediated Diffusion of Oxygen Vacancies on the TiO2 (110) Surface   (Comment Replies)
(presented by Monica and Rita)

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