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Lab Phone: (310) 983-3308

Taesung Kim, PhD.

Magnetic metal alloy etching for MRAM applications


Investigate the etching of magnetic transition metals for MRAM device fabrication, as well as the theoretical calculation of the volatility of the etching products.

Younghee Kim, PhD.

Lab Phone: (310) 983-3308



Calvin Pham


Atomic layer deposition of complex metal oxides

Assess the effect of composition and spatial distribution of elements in the multiferroics on their magnetoelectricity, thereby enabling a rational design of an optimal material.  Use atomic layer deposition to realize highly conformality synthetic multi-ferroic materials at low temperatures to form strongly coupled interfaces needed to achieve magnetoelectricity. 


Jea (Jay) Cho


Ultra-thin ion conductive films as solid electrolytes for energy storage  

Utilize atomic layer deposition to control the composition, microstructure, morphology, and fabrication of ultra-thin solid electrolytes for solid oxide fuel cell and Li-ion battery, especially in microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) based micro-power systems.  Assess the improvement in power density per foot print by using conformal ALD coatings to realize the high density integration in 3-D device structures.



Diana Chien

Jack Chen


Cyrus Cheung

Colin Rementer

Jeffrey Chang

Nicholas Altieri

Trevor Seegmiller





Michael Paine (undergraduate)

Institution: UCLA, Class of 2014

Juan Casillas (undegraduate)

Institution: UCLA, Class of 2014

Edward McAboy (undergraduate)

Institution: UCLA, Class of 2015

Taylor Evanko (undergraduate)

Institution: UCLA, Class of 2015

Vladan Jankovic


Core-shell nanostructures for plasmonics 

Currently: Northrop Grumman, California

Nathan Marchack


Plasma Patterning of Complex Materials

Currently: IBM, New York

Ya-Chuan (Sandy) Perng


Engineering Epitaxial Metal Oxides on Wide Bandgap Semiconductors

Currently: Intel Corporation, Oregon

Kristen Fernhoff


Comparison of intrinsic and engineered multi-ferroic materials 


Currently: Washington University in St Louis

James Dorman

Multifunctional Metal Oxide Nanostructures  

Currently: Universitaet Konstanz in Germany

Han Chueh
Density functional theory study of complex metal oxides

Currently: UCLA


Ashley Armenta


Characterization of the Electronic and Electrical Properties of Metal Oxides


Mayfield Senior School, Pasadena, CA





Katia Ameri  (High School Intern)


Marlborough School, Los Angeles, Ca


Electrochemistry Study for Micro-Lithium Ion Batteries


Currently: Stanford University


Brett Berens (undergraduate)


X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy Study of Plasma Etched Metal Oxides and
Device Testing




Tara Chang (High School Intern)


Simulation of a Cylindrical Ion Trap as a Micro-Chemical Analyzer

Marlborough High School, Los Angeles, CA.

Currently: MIT

Byeong-Ok Cho, Ph.D. (postdoctoral researcher)

Spectroscopic Studies of Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD)

Currently: Samsung Electronics, Korea


Jongwoo Choi, Ph.D. (postdoctoral researcher)

Spectroscopic Studies of Dielectric/Semiconductor Interfaces


Currently: GE Research, New York


Karen Chu (Masters Student)

Electrical Characterization of Carbon-Doped Ta2O5 Films for Embedded DRAM Applications

Currently: Nanomix, Inc., California

Kimberly Cross (Masters Student)

Surface Chemistry of Organometallic Precursors


Currently: University of California, Los Angeles

Dolores Cruz (Ph.D Student)

Chemical Microelectromechanical Systems  


Currently: Intel Corporation, California



Carissa Eisler (Undergraduate)

Analysis of Ultra-Thin Films and Interfaces by Extended X-Ray Absorption Fine Structure (EXAFS).


Currently : California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

Kelly Halford (High School Intern)



Mayfield Senior School, Pasadena, CA.

Currently: Princeton University



John Hoang


Sensitizer co-doped Er:Y2O3 Thin Films for Optical Applications

Currently: National Institute of Standards and Technology

Jerry's picture

Chengche (Jerry) Hsu, Ph.D. (Post Doc)


High Density Plamsa Diagnostics and Simulation


Currently: National Taiwan University, Taiwan

Vladan Jankovic (Masters Student)

FET-based Microchemical Sensors Employing HfO2 and ZrO2


Currently: Northrop Grumman Corporation, California

John Keagy (undergraduate)

Solid State Electronic Device Fabrication

Currently: Graduate Student, UT Austin


Angela Ku (High School Intern)

High Density Plasma Etching Processes


Mayfield Senior School, Pasadena, CA.

Currently: Yale University


Sandy Lao (Masters Student)

Investigation of Plasma Enhanced Deposition of Zirconium Oxide and Hafnium Oxide Thin Films

Currently: Intel Corporation, Arizona


Jingyan (Leo) Li (Masters Student)


Deposition of Functionally Engineered Dielectric Thin Films


Currently: Intel Corporation, New Mexico



Vu Le (Masters Student)


Plasma Reactor Scale Modeling


Currently: Matech Advanced Materials, Westlake Village


Shirley Lee (undergraduate)

Infrared Spectroscopy of Thin Film Analysis

Currently: Graduate Student, UC Irvine


Jasmine Lin (undergraduate)


Diagnostic instrumentation on an ECR reactor for thin film deposition

Currently: Process Development Engineer, Novellus Systems, Inc.


You-Sheng (Wilson) Lin, Ph.D. (Ph.D. student)


Synthesis and Integration of High-k Dielectric Materials

Currently: Engineer, UCLA Nanoelectronics Research Facility



Jiurong Liu, Ph.D. (Post-Doc)


Material and Electrical Characterization of Metal Oxides Synthesized by Plasma Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition

Currently: School of Material Science & Engineering,

                 Shandong University, China



Ryan Martin, Ph.D. (Ph.D. Student)


High Density Plasma Enhanced Patterning of Metal Oxides

Currently: IBM, New York




Monica Sawkar-Mathur, Ph.D. (Ph.D. Student)


Deposition of Functionally Engineered Dielectric Thin Films


Currently: Intermolecular, San Jose



Yuanbing Mao, Ph.D. (Post-Doc)


Synthesis and Characterization of Metal Oxide Nano-structures


Currently: University of Texas, Pan American


Chris McCormick (undergraduate)

First-Principles Study of Silicon Carbide, a promising wide band gap semiconductor


Currently: Graduate Student, Stanford


Ragesh Puthenkovilakam, Ph.D. (Ph.D. student)

Experimental and Theoretical Studies of High-k Dielectrics on Silicon

Currently: Intel Corporation, Oregon


Desiree Ramirez (Masters Student)

Ion-enhanced Chemical Etching of Metal Oxides in Chlorine Based Plasmas

Currently: Accenture, California


Phedellee Reyer (High School Intern)

Process for Creating Complimentary Metal-Oxide-Semiconductors (CMOS)

Mayfield Senior School, Pasadena, CA.

Currently: University of California, Irvine


Lin Sha, Ph.D. (Ph.D. student)

Plasma Enhanced Etching of Metal Oxides

Currently: Intel Corporation, Oregon



Yen Ta (Masters Student)

X-ray photoelectron spectroscopic analysis of halogen etched metal oxide films

Currently: Analog Device, California


Melat Tafesse

Microstructures of Ultra-thin Dielectric Films


Currently: Micron, Virginia


Carey Tanner, Ph.D. (Ph.D. Student)

Engineering Compositionally Controlled Crystalline Metal Oxides on Wide Bandgap Semiconductors

Currently: Luna Nanoworks, Virginia


Trinh Tu Van, Ph.D. (Ph.D. Student)

Molecular Beam Simulation of Surface Kinetics

Currently: Intel Corporation, Oregon


Nicky Virdone (High School Intern)

Optical emission analysis of plasma processing


Mayfield Senior School, Pasadena, CA.

Currently: UCLA


Jianjun Wang (Masters Student)

High Density Plasma Enhanced Deposition of Metal Oxides


Feng Zhang (Post-Doc)

Atomic Layer Deposition of Ferroelectric Thin Films on Wide Band Gap Semiconductors

Currently: Institute of Semiconductors, Chinese Academy of Science.

Stephanie Gachot (Masters Student)


Synthesis and Characterization of Metal Silicide Nanoparticles


Currently: Intel Corporation, Arizona

Colleen Loynachan (Summer Intern)

Thin film electrolyte materials for solid oxide fuel cells

Currently: MIT

Hiroshi Yamamoto



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