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Links to Energy Centers and Institutes:

Energy Centers of Particular Interest:

University of California Energy Institute
MIT Laboratory for Energy and the Environment
MIT Center for Advanced Nuclear Energy Systems
MIT Center for Energy and Environmental Policy Research
University of Tennessee Joint Institute for Energy & Environment
University of Tennessee Energy, Environment and Resources Center
UC Berkeley Energy and Resources Group
Harvard University Energy Technology Innovation Project
Stanford University Energy Modeling Forum
Stanford University Global Climate and Energy Project

Other University Energy Institutes:

Alfred University Center for Environmental and Energy Research
Appalachian State University Energy Center
Boston University Center for Energy and Environmental Studies
Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Renewable Energy Institute
Colorado State University Solar Energy Applications Laboratory
Humboldt State University Schatz Energy Research Center
Iowa State University Iowa Energy Center
Lehigh University Energy Research Center
Louisiana State University Center for Energy Studies
Oregon Institute of Technology Oregon Renewable Energy Center
Oregon State University Energy Resources Research Laboratory
Penn State University Energy Institute
Princeton University Energy Group
Tennessee Tech Center for Energy Systems Research
Tulane University Entergy-Tulane Energy Institute
UC Davis California Wind Energy Collaborative
UCOP California Institute for Energy and Environment
UC San Diego Advanced Energy Technology Program
UC San Diego Center for Energy Research
University of Central Florida Florida Solar Energy Center
University of Delaware Center for Energy & Environmental Policy
University of Delaware Institute of Energy Conversion
University of Florida Solar Energy & Energy Conversion Laboratory
University of Hawai`i-Manoa Hawaii Natural Energy Institute
University of Hartford Energy and Environmental Institute
University of Houston Institute for Energy, Law & Enterprise
University of Illinois-Chicago Energy Resources Center
University of Kansas Energy Research Center
University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research
University of Maryland Center for Environmental Energy Engineering
University of Massachusetts Renewable Energy Research Laboratory
University of Nevada Las Vegas National Supercomputing Center for Energy and the Environment
University of Nevada Reno Great Basin Center for Geothermal Energy
University of North Dakota Energy & Environmental Research Center
University of Oklahoma Sarkeys Energy Center
University of South Florida Clean Energy Research Center
University of Texas at Austin Center for Energy and Environmental Resources
University of Utah Energy and Geoscience Institute
Virginia Polytechnic University Center for Energy Systems Research
University of Wisconsin-Madison: Solar Energy Laboratory
Rice University: Environmental and Energy Systems Institute
Virginia Tech: Virginia Center for Coal and Energy Research
West Virginia University: National Research Center for Coal and Energy

Other Energy Institutes

The Communications Institute (Pasadena, CA)
Asian Energy Institute (India)
Energy Center of Wisconsin (Madison, WI)
Energy Institute (United Kingdom)
National Energy Research Center (Jordan)
Nuclear Energy Institute (Washington, DC)
Southface (Atlanta, GA)
Sustainable Energy Institute (Washington, DC)
Western Energy Institute (Portland, OR)