CESTAR UCLA Affiliated Research Groups

Antenna Research, Analysis and Measurement Laboratory
Boiling Heat Transfer Laboratory
Combustion Research Laboratory
Device Research Laboratory
Flight Systems Research Center
Fusion Engineering Science Research Group
Hydrogen Engineering Research Consortium
Laurent Pilon's Research Group
Low Temperature Plasma Technology Laboratory
Materials and Plasma Chemistry Laboratory
Microsystems Laboratory
Multifunctional Composites Laboratory
MURI: 3-D Architectures for Electrochemical Power Sources
Nano and Micromechanics Laboratory
Nondestructive Evaluation Research Group
Research Group for Organic Electronic Materials and Devices
Simulations of Flow Physics and Acoustics
Turbulence Research Group

CESTAR International Collaboration Agreements

Several collaboration agreements between CESTAR and international universities and research centers have been established:

  • Czech Technical University (CTU) in Prague, Czech Republic
  • National Institute of Fusion Sciences (NIFS), Japan
  • National Fusion Research Center (NFRC), Korea
  • Nile University, Egypt
  • Three research institutes at Dong-Eui University, Korea:
    • The Electronic Ceramics Center (ECC)
    • The Brain Korea 21 Group (BK21)
    • The Research Institute of Industrial Technology Development (RIITD)