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Energy Efficiency: Tranverse Jet Instabilities & Control

Advanced Propulsion: Detonations, ionized gases, and turbulent combustion

Alternative Fuels: Acoustically Coupled Droplet Combustion

Rocket Propulsion: Transcritical Coaxial Jet Instabilities


Hypersonic Flight Testing: Phoenix Testbed

Aerospace Safety: Hydrogen Leak Detection

Combustion Generated Air Pollutants: Lobed Fuel Injector

Hazardous waste Incineration: Resonant Dump Combustor

Aerospace Propulsion: In-flight Imaging of Transverse Jets


Energy & Propulsion Research Lab, 1020 Engr. V

CFD Laboratory, 44-134 Engineering IV

Energy & Propulsion Research Laboratory:

1020 Engr. V


Main Experimental Research Laboratory.

Computational Fluid Dynamics Lab:



Enigneering IV Room 44-134




Center for high speed reactive and/or ionized computational fluid mechanics studies (shared with Prof. Xiaolin Zhong).

Engineering IV Building:



Engineering IV




Building contains mostly offices and research laboratories used by the Mechanical, Aerospace, and Electrical Engineering Departments.


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