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Energy Efficiency: Tranverse Jet Instabilities & Control

Advanced Propulsion: Detonations, ionized gases, and turbulent combustion

Alternative Fuels: Acoustically Coupled Droplet Combustion

Rocket Propulsion: Transcritical Coaxial Jet Instabilities


Hypersonic Flight Testing: Phoenix Testbed

Aerospace Safety: Hydrogen Leak Detection

Combustion Generated Air Pollutants: Lobed Fuel Injector

Hazardous waste Incineration: Resonant Dump Combustor

Aerospace Propulsion: In-flight Imaging of Transverse Jets

Researchers: Prof. Ann Karagozian, Prof. Owen Smith

Round Jets Injected into Compressible Crossflows
Professors Ann R. Karagozian and Owen I. Smith; MAE Department

This experimental and theoretical study (completed) is directed towards a better understanding of the penetration and mixing of transverse jet injected into crossflows. Analytically oriented models have been developed emphasizing the the dynamics of the vortical structures observed to dominate the cross-section of transverse jets injected into a crossflow of the same phase. Model results are compared with experimental jet trajectories. Recent experimental measurements are concentrated in the transonic regime, where no previous measurements exist.

An iodine seeded nitrogen jet emanates from a flight test fixture attached beneath a NASA F104G aircraft. The jet is oriented normal to M=0.6-1.8 crossflows formed by the freestream surrounding the flight test fixture. The resulting trajectories are visualized in flight by planar laser-induced fluorescence of iodine. Measurements involving injection into uniform crossflows and injection behind rearward facing steps have been completed.

The principal applications of this work is in optimizing the mixing of fuel jets in supersonic combustions. The planar laser-induced flow visualization apparatus developed for this project is now being applied to mixing studies.

Sponsors: NASA Dryden Research Center

Selected Publications:

  1. Transverse Gas Jet Injection Behind a Rearward-Facing Step , A.R. Karagozian, K.C. Wang, A.T. Le, and O.I. Smith, J. Propulsion and Power, 12, 1129-1136, 1996.

  2. In-Flight Imaging of Gas Jets Injected into Subsonic and Supersonic Crossflows , C. Wang, O.I. Smith and A.R. Karagozian, AIAA Journal, 33, 2259-2263, 1995.

  3. Gaseous Jet in Supersonic Crossflow, S.D. Heister and A.R. Karagozian, AIAA J, 28, 819-827, 1990.

  4. Vortex Modeling of Gaseous Jets in a Compressible Crossflow, S.D. Heister, and A.R. Karagozian, J Propul and Power, 6, 85-92, 1990.


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