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Tsung-Yi Chen
- Post-Doctorate - Northwestern University   [Mail]
Matthew Marshall
- Hardware Engineer - Qualcomm Inc.   [Mail]
  • M.S., reduced-complexity decoding of tail-biting codes
JiadongWang.jpg (455817 bytes) Jiadong Wang
- Senior Engineer - Qualcomm Inc.   [Mail]
Tom.JPG (83.0 KB) Thomas Courtade
- Postdoctoral Fellow - Center for Science of Information [Mail]
bike.JPG (8399 bytes) Bike Xie
- Senior Engineer - Marvell Semiconductor [Mail]
  • Ph.D dissertation, "Encoding for Degraded Broadcast Channels and Resource Allocation for Content Distribution in Peer-to-Peer Networks"; [.pdf]
cong.jpg (11176 bytes) Cong Shen
- Senior Engineer - Qualcomm Inc. [Mail]
  • Ph.D dissertation, "Efficient Utilization of Channel State Information in Modern Wireless Communication Systems"; [.pdf]
YuanMao.jpg (455817 bytes) Yuan-Mao Chang
- Senior Design Engineer - Marvell Semiconductor [Mail]
mgriot.JPG (8399 bytes) Miguel Griot
- Senior Engineer - Qualcomm Inc. [Mail]
  • Ph.D dissertation, "Nonlinear Codes for Multiple Access to Binary Channels and Higher-Order Modulations over the AWGN Channel"; [.pdf]
herwin_1.jpg (143413bytes) Herwin Chan
- Embedded Systems Architect, Pharmaco-kinesis Corporation [Mail]  [Web]
  • Ph.D dissertation, "Accelerating Applications through Cross-Layer Co-design"; [.pdf]
andres.JPG (8399 bytes) Andres I. Vila Casado
- Research Scientist - Mojix, Inc. [Mail]
  • Ph.D dissertation, "Improving LDPC Decoders: Informed Dynamic Message-Passing Scheduling and Multiple-Rate Code Design."; [.pdf]
esteban_valles.jpg (8399 bytes) Esteban L. Valles
- Senior Member of Technical Staff, The Aerospace Corporation   [Mail]  [Web]
  • Ph.D dissertation, “Time Recovery Using Soft Information Feedback and Efficiency of Array Codes.” [.pdf][.ps]
wenyen.JPG (8399 bytes) Wen-Yen Weng
- Deputy Technical Manager, Ralinktech   [Mail]  [Web]
  • Ph.D dissertation, "Universal Serially Concatenated Trellis Coded Modulations and Rate-Compatible High-Rate LDPC Codes."; [.pdf]
junshi.jpg (8399 bytes) Jun Shi
- Senior Engineer - Qualcomm Inc.   [Mail]  [Web]
  • Ph.D dissertation, "Universal Channel Codes and Trellis State-Diagram Reduction."; [.pdf]
aditya.JPG (8399 bytes) Aditya Ramamoorthy
- Assistant Professor - Iowa State University   [Mail]  [Web]
  • Ph.D dissertation, “Generalized ACE Codes and Information Theoretic Results in Network Coding.” [.pdf][.ps]
cenk.JPG (8399 bytes) Cenk Kose
- Trellisware Technologies   [Mail]
  • Ph.D dissertation, “Universal trellis codes and concatenated trellis-coded modulations for the compound linear vector Gaussian channel.” [.pdf]
adina.jpg (8399 bytes) Adina Matache
- Senior Staff Design Engineer - Marvell Semiconductor   [Mail]  [Web]
  • Ph.D dissertation, “Coding Techniques for High Data Rates in Wireless Multiple-Input Multiple-Output Communications.” [.pdf] [.ps]
ttian.jpg (8399 bytes) Tao Tian
- Senior System Engineer - Qualcomm Inc.   [Mail]  [Web]
  • Ph.D dissertation, “Research on Low-Density Parity-Check codes.” [.pdf]
chris.jpg (8399 bytes) Christopher R. Jones
- Member Technical Staff, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA   [Mail]  [Web]
  • Ph.D dissertation, “Constructions, applications, and implementations of low-density parity-check codes.” [.pdf]
christina.jpg (8399 bytes) Christina Fragouli
- Tenure-track Assistant Professor - School of Computer and Communication Sciences, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL)   [Mail]   [Web]
  • Ph.D dissertation, “Turbo Code Design for High Spectral Efficiency.” [.pdf]
xueting.jpg (8399 bytes) Xueting Liu
- Senior Staff Engineer - Broadcom Corp.   [Mail]
  • Ph.D dissertation, “Trellis Codes Design for Periodic Erasures and Adaptive Coded Modulation Schemes for Time-Varying Channels.” [.ps]
christos.jpg (8399 bytes) Christos Komninakis
- Staff Engineer - Qualcomm Inc.   [Mail]  [Web]
  • Ph.D dissertation, “Joint Channel Estimation and Decoding for Wireless Channels." [.pdf], [.ps]
no_pic.JPG (8399 bytes) Wei Shi
- Staff Engineer - Qualcomm Inc.   [Mail]  [Web]
  • Ph.D dissertation, “New Results in Wireless Communications.” [.ps]
Thomas.JPG (8399 bytes) Thomas W. Sun
- Staff Engineer - Qualcomm Inc.   [Mail]
  • Ph.D dissertation, “Error Protection Techniques for Source and Channel Coding.” [.ps]
Alexis.JPG (8399 bytes) Alexis Bernard
- VP of Technology Strategy & Business Development - Nokia   [Mail]  [Web]
  • Ph.D dissertation, “Source and Channel Coding for Speech Transmission and Remote Speech Recognition.” [.pdf]