HSSEAS/UCLA Emergency Numbers

Emergencies requiring police, fire or medical aid should be reported by calling 911 from a campus phone. If no campus phone is available contact the UCLA Police Department 911 public safety dispatch number at (310) 825-1491; let the dispatcher know that you are on campus calling from your cell phone and that you have an emergency. It is a good idea to have this number programmed into your cell phone.

(800) 900-UCLA:
The emergency number for information regarding campus emergencies.

Safety First

Safety is of the highest priority within HSSEAS. The school takes pride in providing a safe working environment for its faculty, staff, students and visitors. It is imperative that everyone follows the policies and guidelines to ensure their own safety and others around them. Everyone should observe the school-wide guidelines posted below, while refer to the campus safety website (Environment Health and Safety, Emergency Management, and Police Department) for additional information and updates.

It is highly recommended that everyone within HSSEAS sign up to receive BruinAlert™ to receive campus safety and security updates.

Useful links and documents Official Campus Resources
Laboratory Safety
- Access to a laboratory
- PI's Responsibility (PDF)
- Materials Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
- EHS Class Training and Schedules
- HSSEAS Laboratory Safety Manual (PDF)
Hazardous and Biological Waste
- Follow the EHS guidelines for hazardous waste management and pick-ups. [...More]
- Follow the EHS guidelines for disposal of biological waste[...More]
Emergency Response Procedure
- Sign up for BruinAlert™
- Personal Preparedness (It IS your responsibility!)
- School/Department Emergency Supplies
Earthquake Safety
- "DROP, COVER AND HOLD ON" if you are indoors [...More]
- Move to a clear area if you can safely walk if you are outdoors [...More]
Building Security
HSSEAS buildings have either electronic access or camera surveillance to ensure the building security.
Please carry your Bruin Card with you when using the building after hours in case you are asked to show
identification. Do not confront a suspicious person - call UCPD (911 or (310) 825-1491).

Additional UCLA Emergency/Safety Information

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