Nonlinear Analysis of the Lead-Free Solder Sealing Ring of a Photonic Switch



John H. Lau

Agilent Technologies, Inc., 5301 Stevens Creek Blvd., Santa Clara, CA 95052








Thermal reliability of the solder sealing ring of Agilent Technologiesí bubble-actuated photonic cross-connect switches has been investigated in this paper. Emphasis is placed on the determination of the thermal-fatigue life of the solder sealing ring under shipping/storing/handling conditions. The solder ring is assumed to obey the Garofalo-Arrhenius creep constitutive law. The nonlinear responses such as the deflections, stresses, creep strains, and creep strain energy density of the 3-D photonic package have been determined with a commercial finite element code (ANSYS). Confidence of the analysis procedures, material properties, boundary conditions and results has been demonstrated by comparing with experiment results obtained through the Twyman-Green interferometry method. In addition, isothermal fatigue tests have been performed to obtain the relationship between the number of cycle-to-failure and the strain energy density. Thus, by combining the finite element results and the isothermal fatigue test results, the average thermal-fatigue life of the solder sealing ring is readily determined and is found to be more than adequate for shipping/storing/handling the photonic switches.