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 Russel E. Caflisch, Ph.D.(Courant Institute, 1978)
Theory and numerical simulation for materials physics, epitaxial growth, nanoscale systems, semiconductor device properties and design in application to quantum well devices, quantum dots, nanocrystals and quantum computing.

Bruce S. Dunn, Ph.D. (UCLA, 1974) 
Solid electrolytes, electrical properties of ceramics and glasses, ceramic-metal bonding, optical materials.

Yong Chen, Ph.D. (UC Berkeley, 1996)
Nanofabrication, nanoscale electronic materials and devices, micro-nano electronic/optical/bio/ mechanical systems.

Nasr M. Ghoniem, Ph.D. (Wisconsin, 1977)
Mechanical behavior of high-temperature materials, radiation interaction with material, material processing by plasma and beam sources, physics and mechanics of material defects, fusion energy.

Mark S. Goorsky, Ph.D. (MIT, 1989) - Electronic Materials Group
Electronic materials processing, strain relaxation in epitaxial semiconductors and device structures, high-resolution X-ray diffraction of semiconductors, ceramics, and high-strength alloys. 

Vijay Gupta, Ph.D. (MIT 1990)
Experimental mechanics, fracture of engineering solids, mechanics of thin films and interfaces, failure mechanisms and characterization of composite materials, ice mechanics and biomedical engineering.

H. Thomas Hahn, Ph.D. (Pennsylvania State, 1971)
Nanocomposites, multifunctional composites, nanomechanics, rapid prototyping, information systems

Robert F. Hicks, Ph.D. (UCBerkeley, 1984)

Richard B. Kaner, Ph.D. (Pennsylvania, 1984)
Rapid synthesis of high-temperature materials, conducting polymers as separation membranes for enantiomers, synthesis of carbon nanoscrolls and composites.

Vidvuds Ozolins, Ph.D. (Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden, 1998) 
Self-assembly, directed self-assembly, pattern formation, metal and semiconductor heteroepitaxy, nanostructured materials, first-principles calculations, phase diagrams and phase stability, ordering in alloys, dynamical properties of solids, metal hydrides, complex hydrides, hydrogen storage, thermoelectrics.

Qibing Pei, Ph.D. (Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, 1990)
Electronic polymers; Organic electronic devices; Electroactive polymer artificial muscles; Electromechanical devices; Polymer synthesis; Nano-structured polymer and hybrid materials.

King-Ning Tu, Ph.D. (Harvard, 1968) - Electronic Thin Film Lab
Kinetic processes in thin films, metal-silicon interfaces, electromigration, Pb-free interconnects.

Benjamin M. Wu, DDS (University of Pacific), Ph.D. (MIT)
 Processing, characterization ans controlled delivery of biological molecules of bioerodible polymers, design and fabrication of tissue engineering scaffolds and precursors tissue analogs, tissue-material interactions and dental biomaterials.

Fred Wudl, Ph.D. (UCLA, 1968)
Organic materials synthesis, organic electronic devices including field-effect transistors, light- emitting devices, organic metals and superconductors, Fallerene chemistry applied to those areas.

Ya-Hong Xie, Ph.D. (UCLA, 1986) - Semiconductor Materials Research Lab 
Cross-talk isolation in Si RF-digital mixed signal integrated circuits, SiGe, heteroepitaxial structures, self-assembled quantum dot arrays and other Si-based novel device structures.

Jenn-Ming Yang, Ph.D. (Delaware, 1986) -
Mechanical behavior of polymer, metal, and ceramic matrix composites, electronics packaging.

Yang Yang, Ph.D. (Massachusetts-LowelI, 1992) Lab
Conjugated polymers and applicafions in optoelectronic devices such as light-emitting diodes, photodiodes and field-effect transistors. 

Professors Emeriti

Alan J. Ardell, Ph.D. (Stanford, 1964) 
Irradiation-induced precipitation, high-temperature deformation of solids, electron microscopy, physical metallurgy of aluminum/lithium alloys, precipitation hardening.

David L. Douglass, Ph.D. (Ohio State, 1958) 
Oxidation and sulfidation kinetics and mechanisms, materials compatibility, defect structures, diffusion.

William Klement, Jr., Ph.D. (CalTech, 1962) 
Phase transformations in solids, high-pressure effects on solids. 

John D. Mackenzie, Ph.D. (lmperial C., London, 1954) 
Glass science, ceramics, electrical properties of amorphous materials, materials recycling.

Kanji Ono, Ph.D. (Northwestern U., 1964) 
Mechanical behavior and nondestructive testing of structural materials, acoustic emission, dislocations and strengthening mechanisms, microstructural effects and ultrasonics.

Aly H. Shabaik, Ph.D. (UC Berkeley, 1966) 
Metal forming, metal cutting, mechanical properties, friction and wear, biomaterials, manufacturing processes.

George H. Sines, Ph.D. (UCLA, 1953) 
Fracture of ceramics, fatigue of metals, carboncarbon composites, failure analysis.

Christian N.J. Wagner, Dr.rer.nat. (U. des Saarlandes, 1957) 
X-ray and neutron diffraction; structure of liquid and amorphous alloys, and plastically deformed metals; biomaterfials; thin films; residual stresses.

Alfred S. Yue, Ph.D. (Purdue, 1957) 
Semiconductor eutectics, electronic materials for solar cell and detector applications, solidification and crystal growth. 

Associate Professors

Ioanna Kakoulli, Ph.D. (University of Oxford, 1999)
 Technology of manufacture of ancient pigments and the study of artefacts using non-invasive methods of examination and analysis exploring the potentials of spectal imaging technologies.

Assistant Professors

Yu Huang, Ph.D. (Harvard University, 2003)
Interface of functional nanosystems and biosystems, synthesis and assembly of nanoscale materials through chemical and biological approaches, design of novel nanodevice concepts.

Suneel Kodambaka, Ph.D. (Univ. Illinois, 2002)
In situ microscopy, nanowire & nanocluster growth mechanisms, surface thermodynamics, thin film physics, and kinetics of phase transformations & chemical reactions.

Adjunct Professors

Harry Patton Gillis, Ph.D. (U. Chicago, 1974)
Application of surface science and chemical dynamics techniques to elucidate fundamental molecular mechanisms and optimize practical processes.

John J. Gilman, Ph.D. (Columbia U., 1952) 
Mechanochemistry, dislocation mobility, metallic glasses, fracture phenomena, shock and deterioration fronts, research management theory 

Marek A. Przystupa, Ph.D. (Michigan Tech, 1980) 
Mechanical behavior of solids. 

Assistant Adjunct Professors

Eric P. Bescher, Ph.D., Ph.D. (UCLA, 1997) 
Advanced cementitious materials, sol-gel materials, organic/inorganic hybrids.



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