Teaching Resources for MSOL Classes

This table summarizes the resources available. For detailed information, please click on each resource link or scroll down.
Resource Where to get help
UCLA Logon ID go to http://logon.ucla.edu
TA account come to 2684 BH
Recording studios: info and demo oltech@seas.ucla.edu or 7440 BH
Recording studios: reservations and keys oltech@seas.ucla.edu or 7440 BH
Recorded lectures: editing, missing, bad, split screen oltech@seas.ucla.edu
Recorded lectures: how to release olhelp@seas.ucla.edu
Equipment checkouts 7440 BH
Software for MSOL laptops oltech@seas.ucla.edu or 7440 BH
Personal laptop issues oltech@seas.ucla.edu or 7440 BH
Class website olhelp@seas.ucla.edu
Online office hours olhelp@seas.ucla.edu
SEASnet Terminal Server olhelp@seas.ucla.edu
MATLAB olhelp@seas.ucla.edu
Cadence/EE software olhelp@seas.ucla.edu
New lab software olhelp@seas.ucla.edu
Printing and scanning documents for TAs olhelp@seas.ucla.edu
Course Evaluation Surveys


You will use your UCLA Logon ID to access the following resources: If you are having a problem with your UCLA Logon ID, do the following:
  1. Try to login at http://my.ucla.edu with your UCLA Logon ID. If not successful, then go to http://logon.ucla.edu to try to resolve your problem.
  2. If #1 is successful, email olhelp@seas.ucla.edu with the error message and the resource you're trying to access.

SEASnet Account for TAs

In addition to the UCLA Login ID, TAs are required to have a SEASnet TA account to access the following resources:

TAs: You will get a TA account (do not use your regular SEASnet account). You must come to the SEASnet Helpdesk at 2684 Boelter Hall to pick up
your TA username and password. Your TA account can receive email by default, so please set up email forwarding for your TA account if you do not
intend to read email at your TA account. Please read the email policy, Email Account and Settings.

Class Website

Recording Studios

To access studios: Reservations are required for all studios. See the section "Recording Studio Reservation and Key" below for information.

Echo360 login: All accounts are Retired at the end of each quarter. Your account will be Reinstated by SEASnet upon request.

Studio Usage Location
Studio A Echo360 recording for class presentations 7440 BH
Studio B Echo360 recording for class presentations 7440 BH
Studio C Zoom for online office hours only.
Do not use Zoom for recording presentations.
7440 BH

Walk-through demo:

Recording Studio Reservations and Keys




Recorded Lectures: how to release to students

Availability schedule: Every other hour from 6am-10pm a script runs to update MyEngineering(previously CourseWeb) with presentation details from Echo360. The total duration
from recording a lecture to the processed presentation being available on MyEngineering typically ranges from 6-9 hours; however, the total time is affected by increased usage,
missing information on ad-hoc recordings, the length of the recording, and the type of quality selected for the presentation. If you specified which class you are recording for (it is
the selection after "How many minutes is the capture?" when doing Ad-Hoc Capture) or if your class is pre-scheduled to be recorded in Boelter 8500, your recorded lecture
should be available by 9pm the same day (if you recorded before noon) or 9am the next day (if you recorded after noon). If you did not specify a class that is being officially offered,
you will need to notify oltech@seas.ucla.edu to process your lecture, be sure to specify which class it is for; your lecture should be available within a day after you send the email.

Please note, initially your presentations are not released to the students.

You release a presentation by setting the Release Date as follow:
  1. Login at http://ccle.ucla.edu using your UCLA Login ID.
  2. In the "Class sites" area select the correct Term, and click the link for your class.
  3. Click the Presentations link found on left side of your site.
  4. Click "Presentations at MyEngineering" link. You will be brought to your Presentations section in MyEngineering(previously CourseWeb).
  5. Click on the "Switch to Admin Mode" link.
  6. Click on the "Presentations" link under "Class Resources" on the left-hand side.
    Note, if your class does not have the "Presentations" link, then your class is not an online class (only section 80s are officially
    online classes); if you would like to make your presentations available to a non-80 class, please email olhelp@seas.ucla.edu.
  7. You should see your presentations that have been processed listed. If you do not see a specific presentation here and it has been
    more than one business day since the recording, email oltech@seas.ucla.edu.
  8. Click on "[edit]" next to the presentation you want to release.
  9. Enter a release date/time in the "Release Date" field.
  10. Select an appropriate week in "Week Number".
  11. Click on "Save and Return to Listing".
  12. Note, presentations are accessed via the Presentations section at your CCLE class website.

Bad/unwanted presentations: If you have a bad or unwanted presentation, please email oltech@seas.ucla.edu to get rid of it so we're not wasting system
resources to store and backup unwanted data. In your email, include the title of the presentation, the date/time it was recorded, and the length of the presentation.

Online Office Hours

Zoom is used for online office hours. At the beginning of each quarter, you will receive an email with the instruction on how to activate or advertise your Zoom meeting room.


Basic instruction:

  1. Go to http://ccle.ucla.edu and log in with your UCLA Logon ID.
  2. In the "Class sites" area select the correct term, and click the link for your class.
  3. Click on the "Online Meetings" link at the left side of your class website.
  4. Click on the Zoom Meeting Room folder "Zoom Meeting Rooms | Access & Instructions".

Special instruction for classes with team projects:

Although a student can create a personal Zoom Meeting ID and host a meeting, each meeting is limited to 40 minutes. The student can restart the meeting right after the 40-minute ends and there is no limit on how many times you can restart the meeting; however, this can be annoying. So if the 40-minute limit is a problem, then the TA must create a zoom meeting room for each team as follow:

  1. Login to ccle.ucla.edu and go to the class website.
  2. Go to "Online Meetings" section
  3. Click "Turn editing on"
  4. Click "+ Add an activity or resource"
  5. Under ACTIVITIES category, choose "Zoom meeting"
  6. Configure the meeting room as follow:
    Topic name it like "Team NAME" (where NAME is any specific identifier, such as a student name, 01, 02, etc.)
    Recurring check this setting, so the meeting is open for the entier quarter
    Password set a different password for each team meeting room so that each team will have their own password
    Meeting option check "Enable join before host", so the students can meet without you
    (all the other options can be left at their default)
  7. Click "Save and return to course".
  8. Make sure the new meeting room is listed under the office hour meeting room "Zoom Meeting Rooms | Access & Instructions"
  9. Repeat the above steps for each team.
  10. Next you will be asked to email each team the information. To facilitate the email process, you may add Quickmail to your class website.
  11. Email the instruction and the meeting room password to each team. For example:
    I set up a Zoom meeting room for your team. To access:
    1. Login to ccle.ucla.edu and go to the class website
    2. Go to "Online Meetings" section 
    3. Click on "Team NAME" to join the meeting.
    4. When you're asked for the password, enter "xxxxxx". This is the password for your team, so please do not share with non-team members.
  12. At the end of the quarter, delete all the team meeting rooms. You can do this at CCLE by deleting these activities or at https://ucla.zoom.us/signin > My Meetings > Upcoming Meetings

Equipment Checkouts

There are laptops, tablets and microphones available for you to checkout. Please go to 7440 BH to do the checkout. Please be responsible and take good care of the equipments
in your possession and return them promptly at the end of each quarter so that they are available on-time to the next instructors/TAs.

SEASnet Terminal Server

SEASnet Terminal Server (or Remote Server) is used by TAs and students to access lab software, such as Matlab.


MATLAB is not available for your class until you fill out the class resource activation form for your class in MyEngineering(previously CourseWeb),
to specifically request for it. Please see the instruction at http://www.seasnet.ucla.edu/UnixServers/class-activation.

Once the access is given, the TA must provide the students with the instruction on how to use the software. The MSOL program also has a tutorial at

Cadence/EE Software

Cadence and other EE software are not available for your class until you fill out the class resource activation form for your class in MyEngineering(previously CourseWeb),
to specifically request for it. Please see the instruction at http://www.seasnet.ucla.edu/UnixServers/class-activation.

Many students had trouble with setting up these software for first use, so please give your students a clear instruction on how use these software. SEASnet has the
instruction on to how access the eeapps servers at http://www.seasnet.ucla.edu/UnixServers/eeapps/?searchterm=eeapps. Your responsibility is to provide
the instruction on what to do next after the students have logged in to eeapps.

New Lab Software

New lab software currently not installed on SEASnet requires one quarter advance notice. Please verify and test software in our environment, including the Remote Server,
prior to assigning any student work that uses the software (use your SEASnet TA account to test). If you have any UCLA Extension students in your class, you must verify
that any MSDNAA software required for the class is available on the Remote Server.

Software for MSOL Laptops

Acrobat Professional:

Printing and scanning documents for TAs

PDF Scanners:

Printing for TAs:

Personal laptop issues

If you've problems using your personal laptop to watch presentations, conduct online office hours, etc., please get help in 7440 BH.

Course Evaluation Surveys

Starting Winter 2013 and after, the evaluation of instruction program is handled by OID. The results of the course evaluation surveys can be requested from msengrol@seas.ucla.edu.

Both the instructors and students will be sent emails to inform them of the evaluation process. The students' emails will have links that they may use to go directly to the evaluations page
on MyUCLA. Both the students' and instructors' emails will note the evaluation deadline in the first sentence. For more information on these notices, see Online Evaluation Email Notifications.
To view the evaluation forms, see Online Evaluation Form Views.

For Fall 2012 or before, the results of the course evaluations can be found in MyEngineering (previously CourseWeb) as follow:

  1. Log in to MyEngineering.
  2. Go to the class.
  3. Click "Switch to Admin Mode".
  4. Click "Survey" in Class Resources block.
  5. In the survey listing that appears, click "[View Results]" associated with the "Evaluation of Online Instruction Program" survey.