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Brain Imaging

Multimodal Sensors for Brain Functional Imaging  

    Optical imaging of Intrinsic Signals (OIS)is a high-resolution brain mapping technique that visualizes the brain's functional architecture through wavelength-dependent changes in tissue reflectance. Maps produced by OIS are derived from local changes in light scattering, vascular tone, and blood oxygenation, which are coupled to the underlying neural activity.OIS maps, however, do not directly measure the electrical changes of neurons.
    Accurate interpretation of functional brain images requires knowledge of the relationship between neurons and their supporting cells and vasculature. Our understanding of this complex and dynamic system will improve as we measure multiple aspects of brain function simultaneously.
    We have developed a semi-transparent electrode array which allows for concurrent multi-site electrophysiological recording and high-resolution optical imaging of intrinsic signals.The 8-channel electrode array is fabricated on a transparent glass substrate with platinum recording surfaces. We map stimulus-induced field potentials (evoked potentials) and changes in cerebral blood volume in rat somatosensory cortex.
    We also examine the evolution of these responses during the neuro-pathological state of cortical spreading depression. We have developed a planar multi-electrode array that is fully compatible with Optical imaging of Intrinsic Signals. It provides a sensitive and reliable tool to use in the study of neurovascular coupling in brain activation.

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