Welcome to the group of Philippe Sautet

Professor Sautet welcomes talented and qualified individuals to apply for graduate or undergraduate student in his newly-established laboratory in UCLA. Email us your CV and description of research interests and qualifications!


The research activity is centered on first-principles simulations of surfaces (in the form of model planar systems or of the surface of nanomaterial), of the interaction and organization of molecules at these surfaces and of their chemistry and catalytic reactivity. Applications are focused on the sustainable transformation of energy and resources. A large part of the activity aims at understanding molecular reactivity on the surface of heterogeneous catalysts from a computational chemistry approach.

Nicole Chiang presented a posted at UCLA undergraduate research week.

Nicole Chiang and Huy Nguyen present their results at the 2019 Southern California Undergraduate Research Conference in Chemistry and Biochemistry.

Tieqiang Zeng from SINOPEC is joining our group as a visiting scholar.


Sautet Lab at UCLA