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Welcome to UCLA's student chapter of the Society for Biological Engineering!

If you are a UCLA student interested in joining our organization please contact us at is free and all we ask for is your name, major, year, and email address. This way we can keep you posted on any upcoming events.

Who are we?
SBE National:
"SBE is the professional association of choice for engineers and applied scientists with interest in the broad area of biological engineering. Organized by prominent leaders in industry, academe, and government, the Society is working to expand the reaches of chemical engineering, build upon the interdisciplinary nature of biological engineering, and provide opportunities for successful connections."

Here at UCLA:
We are a group of students from different engineering disciplines that have come together to expand our understanding and our experience in the growing realm of biological engineering. We hope to foster an environment where students can better network with one another both inside and out of the classroom. We also hope to build lasting relations with the biomedical and biotechnological industries.

Recent Announcements:


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