Remote Desktop Security

What is Remote Desktop?
Simply put, Remote Desktop lets you access your computer away from your computer. Please refer to Microsoft's website for more information.

What is the risk?
When Remote Desktop is enable, anyone can try to connect to your machine and break into it. This is especially dangerous when accounts with administrative access have guessable usernames and weak passwords. Also, with a newly found vulnerability, your machine can be hit with a denial of service attack that could bring your machine to it's knees.

What can I do?
As of right now, if you need to use Remote Desktop, please consult with us before you turn it on and use it. SEASnet is currently working on guidelines for safe use.

What if my machine is supported?
To ensure the security of your data, SEASnet is requiring that all requests for use of a supported machine's remote desktop function be made by your department head. You will be required to: