Time and Frequency Synthesis Parameters of Severely Pathological Voice Qualities

Abeer Alwan, Phil Bangayan

Department of Electrical Engineering
66-147E Enginering IV
405 Hilgard Av.
Los Angeles, CA  90024-1594

Jody Kreiman

Division of Head/Neck Surgery
UCLA School of Medicine and VA Medical Center
Los Angeles, CA  90024

Christopher Long

Speech and Hearing Program
Health Sciences and Technology
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, MA  02139

To be presented at the XIIIth International Congress of Phonetic Sciences, ICPhS 95, Stockholm, Sweeden, August 13-19, 1995.


This paper describes a pilot study into the mechanics of synthesizing severely pathological voices. Successful synthesis of such voices may ultimately provide a quantitative method for evaluating and documenting voice qualities. An analysis-by-synthesis approach using the formant synthesizer KLSYN was used to model the voices of 24 patients suffering from voice disorders. Results suggest a number of modifications to KLSYN that would facilitate synthesis of these voices.


The paper is available in two versions:


This paper refers to twenty-three pairs of voices, listed below. The voices were originally sampled at 16-bit and 20kHz, but for the purposes of this page, they were downsampled to 8kHz and compressed into 8-bit mu-law format. Thus, these are not exactly the voices used in the study.

Category                               Natural           Synthetic
rough female:                          rf1nat            rf1syn
                                       rf2nat            rf2syn
rough male:                            rm1nat            rm1syn
                                       rm2nat            rm2syn
rough-breathy female:                  rbrf1nat          rbrf1syn
                                       rbrf2nat          rbrf2syn
rough-breathy male:                    rbrm1nat          rbrm1syn
                                       rbrm2nat          rbrm2syn
                                       rbrm3nat          rbrm3syn
                                       rbrm4nat          rbrm4syn
                                       rbrm5nat          rbrm5syn   
bifurcated female:                     bif1nat           bif1syn
                                       bif2nat           bif2syn
                                       bif3nat           bif3syn
                                       bif4nat           bif4syn
bifurcated male:                       bim1nat           bim1syn
                                       bim2nat           bim2syn
                                       bim3nat           bim3syn
                                       bim4nat           bim4syn
rough-bifurcated male:                 rbim1nat          rbim1syn
strained-breathy female:               sbrf1nat          sbrf1syn
                                       sbrf2nat          sbrf2syn
strained-rough female:                 srf1nat           srf1syn
strained-rough male:                   srm1nat           srm1syn

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