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General Contact

Message us via Facebook for any quick questions or comments!

You can also send out an email to

Shivali Gowda

Contact Me For

General questions about SWE (e.g. our mission and goals, areas of involvement, partnerships). For company representatives, please contact me regarding general sponsorship inquiries.

Rachel Ehrlich

Internal Vice President
Contact Me For

SWEetie Cards, Major Committee, inter-club collaborations

Sarah Bazargan

External Vice President
Contact Me For

Anything that involves us going outside of UCLA for contacts or events. I work directly with many company representatives to plan infosessions or connect them to other board members who would like a company's presence or assistance at their events and programs.

Farhana Haque

Contact Me For

Any questions regarding the newsletter or regarding membership!

Diane Jung

Contact Me For

Please feel free to contact me about any payments or sponsorship for SWE-UCLA.

Manas Kumar

EWI External Co-Chair
Contact Me For

Evening with Industry company inquiries and registrations.

Sohni Thakkar

EWI Internal Co-Chair
Contact Me For

Contact me for any questions regarding the internal logistics of Evening with Industry.

Jennifer Seki

Publicity Director
Contact Me For

Anything related to publicity on our various social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

Ikaasa Suri

Advocacy Director
Contact Me For

Suggestions for events to promote diversity in engineering, or anything related to the Engineers for Professional Equality Conference

Michelle Tran

Mentorship Director
Contact Me For

Anything related to the Industry Professional--Student Mentorship Program and other support/guidance opportunities!

Madison Taylor Garrison

Outreach Director
Contact Me For

Any outreach events including visits to UCLA, or high school/middle school events happening in the LA area!

Gabby Pollack

Recruitment & Alumni Relations
Contact Me For

Events or opportunities for SWE-UCLA to collaborate with SWE alumni

Ramya Satish

Technical Director
Contact Me For

Any ideas/proposals for a technical workshop, or company tour! I'm glad to collaborate with other student organizations on campus as well as company representatives to make events happen.

Erin Nishimura

Contact Me For

Any issues and suggestions for SWE-UCLA posts in the SWE Region B Blog and photos from events.

Swetha Akella

Student Relations Director
Contact Me For

SWE's general meetings and SWE Socials. Also, questions about the club in general, how to get involved, and how to raise awareness about diversity in engineering

Sabrina Chiang

Contact Me For

Publicity via our website and any issues/concerns with the website itself

Kelly Connelly

Graduate Director
Contact Me For

Questions about how to get involved with GradSWE

Erin Askounis

Graduate Director
Contact Me For

The graduate chapter of SWE