SWE UCLAEvening with Industry (EWI)

Evening with Industry
January 28, 2014

Evening with Industry (EWI) is an annual event hosted exclusively by SWE at Covel Commons' Grand Horizon Ballroom during winter quarter. During this event, students have the unique opportunity of sitting and enjoying a wonderful dinner with partcipating company representatives to explore and understand the industry and their company. The program includes a guest speaker and raffle prizes, and ends with a career fair. Remember to dress business casual, bring hard copies of your resume, and get your resume updated for the resume CD.

Our last event was a huge success with over 250 engineering students and over 30 companies attending.



Dear Students,

Evening with Industry gives you a chance to learn more about your company and the various career opportunities they have available for you for summer and/or permanent employment. Our event consists of two parts: banquet style three-course dinner and a private career fair. For the dinner portion we will pair you up with representatives of a company of your choice, but at the career fair you can interact with all other companies attending the event! Great companies from a wide range of industries, amazing raffle prices, great key-note speaker, must I say more? Sign-ups will begin Winter 2014!

Dear Company Representatives,

Evening with Industry enables companies to develop contacts with bright, eager engineering students in the relaxed atmosphere of a banquet style dinner. With UCLA's School of Engineering and Applied Science being one of the world's top 15 engineering universities, this would be a great way for your company to tap into an amazing talent pool. An added bonus to this event is the informal career fair which takes place after the banquet. We really appreciate your support and hope to see you there.