Mech/Aero Engineering 103, Elementary Fluid Mechanics, Spring, 2002

Information on the Final Exam (Friday, 6/14/02, 11:30-2:30)

As announced in class, the final exam to be held on Friday, June 14, 2002 will be held in 3400 BOELTER HALL for ALL students. The final will cover all material from the beginning of the quarter, but there will be a slight emphasis on material covered since the second midterm. This new material includes the conservation of energy, extended Bernoulli equation, viscous pipe flow (including use of the Moody diagram), compressible flow (1D isentropic flow and normal shocks), and dimensional analysis. An outline of the topics of focus will also be presented in class on 6/6/02; please also consult the course outline for details.

The exam is open to ALL course notes, handouts, homework and solutions, midterms and solutions, and Munson's book ONLY. Please bring with you a pencil, eraser, and CALCULATOR. NO extra paper is needed, nor is a blue book needed.

Once again, the location of the exam is 3400 BOELTER HALL. Please let me know if you have any questions about this.

Good Luck!

Ann Karagozian

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