MANE 157, Spring, 1995

Basic Mechanical Engineering Laboratory
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Ann R. Karagozian
48-121D Engineering IV

Teaching Assistants

Hani Alexander
Durga Malladi

Class members

You will be contacted via your class e-mail account in case of rescheduling, urgent corrections to experiments, etc. All students will be assigned a computer account on SEASnet for class use (userIDs and passwords will be distributed during the lab class). SEASnet computing resources are therefore available to all, including xlf/xlc/xlp compilers, class software, general use e-mail, and xmosaic or lynx World-Wide-Web browsers. You are ON the information superhighway!

A list of e-mail addresses of students registered in the class, plus others responding to will be available. This public mailing list is an effort to make students more accessible to each other. Here is access to the class list; get friendly.

Course Information

Here is access to basic information, policies, and goals of the course, including information on the grading, required and alternative texts, and student responsibilities.

Laboratory Schedule

Here is access to the schedule of experiments for the quarter for groups 1-6.

Course Materials

Additional Notes on Experiments

Here is access to additional information that is available to students on some of the laboratory experiments. Be sure to print this information out BEFORE you arrive in class to perform the experiment.
  1. Experiment 1 information
  2. Experiment 2 information
  3. Experiment 10 information
  4. Experiment 11 information
  5. Experiment 13 information


Indirect access to miscellaneous information relative to course content and to laboratory scheduling. May also includes response to questions or comments submitted via the form.
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