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Below you will find links to papers and slides on some of my current projects.

Synchronization in Complex Oscillator Networks


The emergence of synchronization in a network of coupled oscillators is a fascinating in various scientific disciplines ranging from neuroscience, physics, and biology to social networks and engineering. The rich dynamic behavior of a complex oscillator network results from a competition of the heterogeneous oscillator dynamics and the synchronization-enforcing interaction through the network. Our work focuses on the theory of complex oscillator networks and their applications in power grids.

Publications: Here is a recent research article on the trade-off between coupling and heterogenity, a survey article and a tutorial article on oscillator networks, and a complete list of related publications.

Slides: Here is a set of tutorial slides and some slides on power network applications.

Collaborators: Francesco Bullo and Michael Chertkov

Coverage: Our work was featured in This Week in PNAS, Nature Physics News and Views, LANL Science Feature Stories, and in the IEE Newsletter

Distributed Control in Microgrids


Motivated by the growing interest in smart grid architectures, we are interested in the problems of synchronization, voltage stabilization, power balancing, and secondary regulation in microgrids. Microgrids are low-voltage electrical distribution networks, heterogeneously composed of distributed generation, storage, load, and managed autonomously from the larger transmission network. Whereas traditional power system operation and control is hierarchical and centralized, microgrids are ad hoc networks without a centralized decision maker. These unique challenges call for scalable, robust, and plug'n'play control strategies with low communication complexity.

Publications: Here is a recent article on control architectures and hierarchies, our work on trigonometric active power dynamics, a complementary article on polynomial reactive power dynamics, some experimental results, and a complete list of related publications.

Slides: Here is a set of recent slides.

Collaborators: John W. Simpson-Porco, Francesco Bullo, Basilio Gentile, Hedi Bouattour, Sandro Zampieri, Quobad Shafiee, and Josep M. Guerrero

Slow Coherency & Coordinated Wide-Area Control


Inter-area oscillations in bulk power systems are typically poorly controllable by means of local control. Recent research efforts have been aimed at developing wide-area control strategies that involve communication of remote signals. In conventional wide-area control, the control structure is fixed a priori. In contrast, our work employs the recently-introduced paradigm of sparsity-promoting optimal control to simultaneously identify the optimal control structure and optimize the closed-loop performance. Our approach is based on recent advances in compressed sensing and network-theoretic insights into slow coherency.

Publications: Here is a recent article on sparsity-promoting optimal wide-area control, an article on slow coherency, and a complete list of related publications.

Slides: Take a look at these slides.

Code: The Matlab code for our networks and for the lqrsp routines.

Collaborators: Diego Romeres, Francesco Bullo, Mihailo R. Jovanovic, and Michael Chertkov

Security of Cyber-Physical Systems & Critical Infrastructures


Cyber-physical systems are ubiquitous in industrial automation systems and critical infrastructures. These systems need to operate reliably in face of unforeseen failures and external malicious attacks. In our work, we propose a mathematical framework for cyber-physical systems, malicious attackers, and security monitors. We characterize fundamental monitoring limitations from system-theoretic and graph-theoretic perspectives. We design centralized and distributed attack detection and identification schemes. We provide insight into the design of coordinated attacks amenable to simple implementation, and we validate our findings through smart grid applications.

Publications: Here is a recent article on the detection and identification of cyber-physical attacks, a related article on distributed contiuous-time monitor design, and a complete list of related publications.

Slides: Take a look at these slides.

Collaborators: Fabio Pasqualetti and Francesco Bullo

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