Note to Prospective Students

If you are interested in joining my research program, then please send me an email with your resume.

Like other professors, I get a very large number of email requests about applying to graduate school. Due to the large amount of emails, it is not possible to reply to all of them with all the detail I would like. I apologize for that. It does not reflect on your abilities as a researcher, or even on my interest in having you as a graduate student. It is simply a result of an inbox overloaded by bulk emails about graduate school applications. In any case, do not be discouraged. You should still consider applying to UCLA. To make sure that I will see your file, please include my name in your Statement of Purpose and also your particular area of interest

On the other hand, If you have a specific question about my research, I am more than happy to engage in a conversation. Please take a look at my web page. There you will find a brief description of the research areas I am interested in. It may be especially useful to look my projects and slides and my papers, which I keep updated all the time. I hope that you find a project that catches your interest. In general, I am more likely to reply to a student who has taken the time to get some idea of what my research involves, especially if they can explain why they would be well-suited to make contributions in my research area.