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Ph.D. candidate at UCLA. Focusing on Information Theory and Coding Theory.
Advisor: Prof. Suhas Diggavi.

Graduated from AUB, Lebanon, in 2011, with a BE in Computer and Communications Engineering.

I enjoy music, sports (running and tennis), chess, and am a bit of a computer geek.


After graduating from the American University of Beirut, in 2011, with a BE in Computer and Communications Engineering, I joined the University of California, Los Angeles, to pursue my life-long aspiration of becoming a Ph.D.

My research interests are Information Theory and Coding Theory, which is why I joined Prof. Suhas Diggavi's Information Theory and Systems Laboratory.

Professional Summary

This is just a summary. For my full professional profile, please visit my LinkedIn page, or download my résumé (PDF).

Research Interests

Other Technical Interests

Work Experience

Graduate Student Researcher at UCLA
2012: July-August
Research Assistant at EPFL
2010: July-August
Research Intern at German Aerospace Center (DLR)


Personal Information

I was born in Beirut, Lebanon, in 1989. Having grown up there, I am fluent in all of Arabic, French, and English. I attended the International College (from preschool to high school), and then got into computer and communications engineering at the American University of Beirut (AUB). I learned much there from my professors, some of whom highly influenced me. I also joined the AUB Red Cross Club, which was my chance at giving back to the community I grew up in. I finally graduated in 2011, and joined UCLA for my Ph.D. program.

I am an avid user of the GNU/Linux operating system, which is one aspect of my slight tendency to being a computer geek. On a related note, I also enjoy some webcomics, my favorite being xkcd, as I can relate to many of the (funny) situations in the comics, though probably less dramatically (for instance, this one).

My hobbies include:

and generally learning new random things.

(source: xkcd.com/974/)