Stewart 51D Construction Page


This section was originally distributed over the web as an aid for Stewart 51 builders.  The original website was take off-line at the request of Precision Aero Engineering after they acquired the rights to the S51 from Jim Stewart.  Since that time there have been many changes in the S51 community, one result of which is that PAE has essentially severed relationship with the builders.  The airframe construction manuals have not been updated to reflect these changed circumstances.  Nevertheless, I am putting these pages back up because they may be of some help to those builders that do not have a copy and are not on the group mailing list.  Also, they may be of some interest to builders and potential builders of similar aircraft.  The engine design and construction write-up was completed recently.  The information contained therein reflects input from those I regard as competent professional engine builders and also addresses operational difficulties encountered with V-8 engines in flying S51s.  This may be of  interest to those contemplating the use of V-8 engine conversions.  The engine write-up, in particular, contains some comments that will be understood only by subscribers to the mailing list.

The assembly sequence outlined below is mostly from memory. I'm not guaranteeing it is correct and of course take no responsibility for any problems it might cause you if you follow it. This outline is not a substitute for thinking ahead, studying the plans or seeking advise where necessary.

By way of background, this is the first aircraft I've built. I have done quite a bit of maintenance on aircraft, however, and have a fair amount of machine shop experience. My experience with sheet metal was limited to a few practice projects I did while waiting for the kit to arrive. I have ready access to a couple of well equipped machine shops, and have found this to be very helpful if not absolutely necessary. If the following narrative sounds academic, it's because I'm a mechanical engineering professor.


In proceeding further, I understand that the information provided is not approved by Stewart 51, Inc. or Precision Aero Engineering. I agree to review all of the suggested procedures critically before use, and accept sole responsibility for the outcome. The contributors to this page specifically disclaim any special expertise in building aircraft or engines, and responsibility for any problems resulting from the use of the following procedures.