Effective Optical Properties of Nanoporous Materials - Experiments

Experimental Setup and Simulated Morphology

Comparison Between Experimental Data and Numerical Simulation

Hydrated and Dehydrated Cubic Mesoporous Thin Films


The results indicate that

  1. Excellent agreement was found between numerical predictions and experimentally measured
    reflectance for both cubic and hexagonal mesoporous thin films and the dehydrated
    or hydrated Brij76 cubic film.
  2. The silica matrix has the same index of refraction as bulk silica glass (amorphous).
  3. when the film is fully hydrated, the phase occupying the pores has the same index of refraction as liquid water.
  4. This study also validates experimentally the numerical tool and the numerical results.
  5. The method and the results can be used to design and guide the synthesis of novel nanostructures with desired optical properties for various applications without relying on EMAs or mixing rules.

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