Areas of Research Interest

My students are presently pursuing systems research on a variety of projects related to wireless health. Human activities and motions are important in a large number of medical applications including rehabilitative therapy, chronic disease management, and health and wellness. Currently, the only really reliable method to assess how well activities are performed has been direct human observation. Our goal is to enable low cost quality assessment of activities in the home and other settings outside the clinic, given realistic constraints, at very large scale in the general population. Research includes experimental methods, multi-layered classification algorithms, creation of large and easily used datasets, and effective feedback to end-users.


A limited set of topics in wireless communications related to optimal resource allocation in cellular networks is also being pursued.


How to Get Involved in Research


Undergraduate: UCLA students can become involved in research either through course EE 199 (see the courses page) or via the NSF Site REU listed below.


Graduate: M.S. students can pursue a project course EE 299 (see the courses page) or discuss research interests during office hours. A 299 course is a good way to explore potential Ph.D. research topics.



              Wireless Health Institute (WHI)

              NSF Site Research Experience for Undergraduates: Wireless Health Research and Education

              Reliable Inference with Missing, Masking, Malfunctioning or Malicious Sensors