Sahba Aghajani Pedram

I am a PhD candidate at UCLA, working with Dr. Jacob Rosen in the Bionic Lab. My PhD research focuses on developing intelligent algorithms which would enable the next generation of surgical robotics to go beyond teleoperation. In particular, I am exploring Automation of Surgical Subtasks as well as Robot Surgeon Collaboration for various surgical scenarios including suturing, tissue grasping and manipulation, and tissue dissection.

I received my MSc under the supervision of Dr. Peter Berkelman where I worked on novel haptic rendering algorithms and compact teleoperated surgical robot. Prior to that, I obtained my BSc from Sharif University of Technology where I spent more than a year working on Sina telesurgery system. During my masters, I have also interned at Johns Hopkins University where I worked on shape sensing of a surgical continuum manipulator using FBG sensors under the supervision of Dr. Mehran Armand and Dr. Russell Taylor.

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  • Dec 30: Paper accepted to IJMRCAS.
  • Nov 6: Won the best poster presentation at UCLA MAE competition.
  • Oct 10: Received two year UCLA graduate fellowship.
  • Sep 22: Started my PhD journey at UCLA.


  • Jan 15: Paper accepted to ICRA 2015.
  • June 3: Received 1 year Everett E. Black Scholarship from University of Hawaii at Manoa.

I'm generally interested in Robotics, Estimation and Controls, Computer vision and Image processing, Machine learning, and Artificial intelligence with the main focus on medical applications.

Thanks to Jon Barron for sharing his code