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    PI: Professor Philippe Sautet

    French Academy of Sciences Member
    Phone: 310-825-8485
    E-mail: sautet @ ucla.edu

    Professor Sautet received his Ph.D. in1989, in Paris-Orsay Unversity in France, and did his Habilitation to direct research in Lyon 1 University. He was a visiting scientist in UC Berkeley/LBL in 1991-1992. Then, he was a Director of research, Director of the Laboratoire de Chimie, Director of the Institut de Chimie de Lyon, and Exceptional class director of reserach at CNSR, ENS Lyon, France. Since 2016, he is a Professor in UCLA and CNSI. Sautet is a world-renounced scholar and a recepient of many awards, including the Membership in the French Academy of Sciences, Chevalier de l'ordre des palmes academiques, Pierre Sue Grand Prize of the French Chemical Society, and the Silver Medal of CNRS. Sautet's research interests are in the area of theoretical surface chemistry and heterogeneous and electro-catalysis.

    Dr. Geng Sun

    E-mail: gengsun @ ucla.edu

    Geng received his Ph.D. in Peking University in 2016. His research in Sautet group focuses on catalytic activity of metal cluster catalysts in ambient atmosphere.

    Dr. Kaining Duanmu

    E-mail: duanmukn @ ucla.edu

    Kaining received his Ph.D. in the University of Minnesota in 2016. He focuses on computatinal heterogeneous catalysis, aiming at accurate energy determination for the design of nano particle catalysts.

    Addis Fuhr

    E-mail: asfuhr @ g.ucla.edu

    Addis is a graduate students. His research focuses on combining theory with experiment (done under the supervision of Dr. Victor Klimov in Los Alamos National Laboratory) to correlate structure with photonic, transport, and magnetic properties of semiconductor nanocrystals.

    Rui Shang

    E-mail: shangrui @ ucla.edu

    Rui is a CSC Fellow, coming from Tsinghua University in China. She is modeling catalysts for fuel cells.

    Professor Sautet welcomes talented and qualified individuals to apply for undergraduate, graduate student and postdoctoral positions in his newly-established laboratory in UCLA. Email your CV and description of research interests and qualifications to sautet @ ucla.edu