• Heterogeneous catalysis for the future

    • Combinatorial methodology
    • High-throughput catalyst preparation and screening
    • Novel catalyst preparation techniques
    • Nanomaterials for catalysis
    • Industrial applications
    • Materials characterization by XRD, TEM, SEM, EDAX, TGA, TPR, BET


Recent Publications [PDF]



[2010] - Kahn, M., Senkan, S. - Rational Synthesis, Characterization, and Reaction Screening of Alkali-Modified Hopcalite: Employing a Total Oxidation Catalyst for a Partial Oxidation Process (in preparation)



[2010] - Seubsai, A., Kahn, M., Senkan, S. - New Catalytic Materials for the Direct Epoxidation of Propylene by Molecular Oxygen (accepted for publication)



[2010] - Kahn, M., Seubsai, A., Onal, I., Senkan, S. - High throughput synthesis and screening of new catalytic materials for the direct epoxidation of propylene



[2009] - Onal, I., Düzenli, D., Seubsai, A., Kahn, M., Seker, E., Senkan, S. - Propylene epoxidation: High-throughput screening of supported metal catalysts combinatorially prepared by rapid sol-gel method



[2009] - Kahn, M., Seubsai, A., Onal, I., Senkan, S. - New catalytic materials for the direct epoxidation of propylene by oxygen: application of high-throughput pulsed laser ablation



[2007] - Duan, S., Kahn, M., Senkan, S. - High-throughput nanoparticle catalysis: Partial oxidation of propylene



[2007] - Yamamoto, M., Duan, S., Senkan, S. - The effect of strain rate on polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon (PAH) formation in acetylene diffusion flames



[2006] - Soyer, S., Uzun, A., Senkan, S., Onal, I. - A quantum chemical study of nitric oxide reduction by ammonia (SCR reaction) on V2O5 catalyst surface



[2006] - Senkan, S., Kahn, M., Duan, S., Ly, A., Liedholm, C. - High-throughput metal nanoparticle catalysis by pulsed laser ablation



[2006] - Onal, I., Soyer, S., Senkan, S. - Adsorption of water and ammonia on TiO2-anatase cluster models



[2005] - Duan, S., Senkan, S. - Catalytic conversion of ethanol to hydrogen using combinatorial methods



[2005] - Inal, F., Senkan, S. - Effects of oxygenate concentration on species mole fractions in premixed n-heptane flames



[2004] - Krantz, K., Senkan, S. - Systematic evaluation of monometallic catalytic materials for lean-burn NOx reduction using combinatorial methods



[2003] - Senkan, S., Ozturk, S., Krantz, K., Onal, I. - Photoionization detection (PID) as a high throughput screening tool in catalysis



[2003] - Inal, F., Tayfur, G., Melton, T., Senkan, S. - Experimental and artificial neural network modeling study on soot formation in premixed hydrocarbon flames



[2002] - Granata, S., Faravelli, T., Ranzi, E., Olten, N., Senkan, S. - Kinetic modeling of counterflow diffusion flames of butadiene



[2002] - Inal, F., Senkan, S. - Effects of equivalence ratio on species and soot concentrations in premixed n-heptane flames



[2002] - Ozturk, S., Senkan, S. - Discovery of new fuel-lean NO reduction catalyst leads using combinatorial methodologies



[2002] - Inal, F., Senkan, S. - Effects of oxygenate additives on polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and soot formation



[2001] - Senkan, S. - Combinatorial Heterogeneous Catalysis - A New Path in an Old Field (Review)





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