Professor Tsao instructs the following courses at UCLA:


 MECH&AE 163A - Introduction to Computer-Controlled Machines

Course Description: Lecture, four hours; outside study, eight hours. Requisite or corequisite: course 171A. Modeling of computer-controlled machines, including electrical and electronic elements, mechanical elements, actuators, sensors, and overall electromechanical systems. Motion and command generation, servo-controller design, and computer/machine interfacing. Letter grading.


  MECH&AE 164   - Digital Control of Physical Systems

Course Description: Prerequisite: course 171A or Electrical Engineering 141. Analysis and design of digital control systems. Discrete-time transfer functions for physical systems. Design using classical methods: performance specifications, frequency response, root locus; compensation. Design using state-space methods: control laws, estimators. Practical considerations: roundoff, sample rate selection, computer implementation.


  MECH&AE 298   - Advanced Digital Control and Mechatronics

Course Description: Prerequisite: course 164 or equivalent introduction to digital control course.