EE103 - Applied Numerical Computing (Fall 2011-12)

The EE103 lecture notes and course reader for the 2011-12 Fall Quarter are available here in pdf. For all other course information, homework assignments, and solutions please consult the EEweb course website.

Course reader

The reader can be downloaded in a single pdf file. Printed copies will be available from UCLA Academic Publishing.

The following MATLAB files are needed for some of the exercises: hw1_regression.m, ch1ex20.m, ch1ex21.m, ch7ex24.m, ch8ex3.m, ch8ex4.m, ch8ex7.m, ch8ex8.m, ch8ex9.m, ch8ex11.m, ch3ex4.m, ch14ex1.m, ch14ex5.m, ch16ex9.m, mylu.m, chop.m.

Lecture notes

The lecture notes will be posted here before each lecture.

  1. Vectors

  2. Matrices

  3. Linear equations

  4. Theory of linear equations

  5. Complexity of matrix algorithms

  6. Cholesky factorization

  7. LU factorization

  8. Linear least-squares

  9. QR factorization

  10. Least-norm problems

  11. Nonlinear equations with one variable

  12. Newton’s method

  13. Unconstrained optimization

  14. Nonlinear least-squares

  15. Problem condition and numerical stability

  16. IEEE floating point numbers

  17. Ordinary differential equations

  18. Linear optimization


Course reader
Lecture notes