PEER Center

Brief descriptions for current research projects are given below.

1. Nonlinear modeling reinforced concrete shear walls.

Funding Agency:          National Science Foundation

Faculty Researchers:    J. W. Wallace (PI) and J.  P. Conte

Student Researchers:   Kutay Orakcal, PhD Student

MS Thesis abstract:     

Project Overview:        (click on photo)    

        shear wall photo.jpg (87596 bytes)            photo - kutay.jpg (212264 bytes)

2. Experimental Studies of reinforced concrete structural walls with embedded structural steel sections

Funded Agency:           National Science Foundation

Faculty Researcher:      J. W. Wallace

Student Researchers:   Marc Cherlin (MSCE March 2001)

                                          Brian Sayre (MSCE June 2001)  

        Brian Wall.jpg (234034 bytes)  

3. Response of highway overpasses to near-field ground motions

Funding Agency:                 CUREe-Kajima Phase III

Faculty Researcher:             J. W. Wallace

Student Researchers:           Sandrine Lermitte (PhD Student)

Post-Doctoral Researcher:  Silvia Mazzoni

Project Overview:                (click on photo)

        photo - Sandrine.jpg (211968 bytes)

4. Cyclic large deflection field-testing of CIDH bridge columns

Funding Agency:          California Department of Transportation

Faculty Researchers:     J. W. Wallace (PI) & J. P. Stewart

Student Researchers:    Kerop Janoyan (PhD Student)

                                            Sandrine Lermitte (PhD Student)

Project Overview:        (click on photo)

        Kerop Shaft Overview.jpg (39440 bytes)

5. Seismic performance assessment of flat-plate floor systems - Experimental and analytical studies

Funding Agency:          CUREe-Kajima Phase IV

Faculty Researcher:      J. W. Wallace

Student Researchers:    Thomas Hyun-Koo Kang (PhD Student)

Quarterly Report:         October - December 2000

Project Overview:         (click on photo)

        photo_bahram_test.jpg (17270 bytes)       thomas kang1.jpg (57995 bytes)

6. Evaluation and modeling of reinforced concrete columns with lap splices

Funding Agency:        Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center

Faculty Researchers:    J. W. Wallace (PI) & Joel P. Conte

Student Researchers:  Brenda Guyader (MSCE, 1999)

                                          Murat Melek (MSCE 2001)

Project Overview:        (click on photo)

        Murat Column.jpg (221233 bytes)        photo - murat.jpg (202012 bytes)

7. Behavior of beam-column joints constructed with headed reinforcement

Funding Agencies:      UCLA & Headed Reinforcement Corporation

Faculty Researcher:     J. W. Wallace

Student Researchers:  Eunjong Yu (PhD Student)


8.  NEES - Field testing and monitoring of structural performance

Funding Agency:        National Science Foundation

Faculty Researchers:   J. W. Wallace (PI), J. P. Conte, D. L. Estrin, P. J. Fox, W.-J. Ju, J. P. Stewart

Student Researchers:  TBA


9.  Full-scale cyclic large deflection field-testing of foundation support systems for highway bridges (Pending)

Funding Agency:        California Department of Transportation

Faculty Researcher:     J. P. Stewart (PI) & J. W. Wallace

Student Researchers:  TBA