Adding Content to Bruin Learn

(For MSOL, please visit this page instead.)

This guide provides one specific method to help you set up your site content quickly using the HSSEAS course template. To learn about all other options and features, visit

Engineering courses are automatically assigned the HSSEAS course template. There are other UCLA templates that you can switch to. To learn about other UCLA templates, including how to wipe out the default template on your class site, visit

The rest of this page describes the 3 STEPS on how to use the HSSEAS course template to update your course content.

STEP 1 - update Syllabus
STEP 2 - update Home
STEP 3 - update Modules (course materials)

Before you begin, login to Bruin Learn at and get familiar with Global Navigation, Course Navigation, and Dashboard (your profile and notifications can be customized now or later).

Don't forget to publish your course when it's ready.