IT Resources for MSOL

Table of Contents

Resource Where to get help
Logins: UCLA Logon ID or contact UCLA IT Services
Logins: TA accounts
Lectures: recording system or 4732 BH
Lectures: NEW recordings
Lectures: recording studios or 4732 BH
Lectures: recording on your own device
Lectures: editing and recovery
Lectures: releasing to students
Lectures: transcription for ADA/504
Not Lectures: supplemental videos
Online: class websites
Online: office hours
Online: team project meeting
Software: activation/request
Software: MATLAB
Software: Cadence/EE
Software: Remote Desktop
Software: NEW software
Misc: equipment checkouts 4732 BH
Misc: teaching evaluation surveys

Logins: UCLA Logon ID

You will use your UCLA Logon ID to access the following resources: If you are having a problem with your UCLA Logon ID, do the following:
  1. Try to login at with your UCLA Logon ID. If not successful, then go to to try to resolve your problem.
  2. If #1 is successful, email with the error message and the resource you're trying to access.

Logins: TA accounts

In addition to the UCLA Logon ID, TAs are required to have a SEASnet TA account to access the following resources:

How to request for a TA account and activate some of the resources listed above:

Document scanning:

Lectures: recording system

Echo360 Active Learning Platform is the MSOL's official video capturing system. Echo360 employs AWS to provide top reliability and streaming performance to students anywhere in the world. Echo360 not only provides an industry-leading video system that records and delivers highest quality video, but also provides the ability for students to download videos for streaming off-line (similar to commercial streaming platforms, such as Netflix), engagement tools that promote active learning from anywhere, and analytics that can be used to gauge student learning behaviors so instructors can act before it is too late.

Lectures: NEW recordings

If you plan to record new lectures, including recording using Echo360 personal computer software (be sure to check the software for updates before recording), coordinate with

Recording for non-MSOL classes must first be approved by Dean Yang.

Lectures: recording studios

You must first coordinate with

Reservations: (reservations are required for all studios)

Lectures: recording on your own device


If you have not installed Echo360 Universal Personal Capture software:

  1. Go to your Bruin Learn class site
  2. Click "Ech360 Presentations" in the "Quick Links" table
  3. Click on the Echo360 button on the next page to go to Echo360
  4. Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner and select "Downloads" from the menu
  5. Under "Universal Capture: Personal", choose "Mac Download" or "Windows Download"
  6. Install the downloaded file
  7. Optionally watch the video tutorial

Lectures: editing and recovery

Services available by

Lectures: releasing to students

Please note that Echo360 content older than 5 years will be deleted and cannot be restored. A content that is republished to another course offering will have it's birthday reset to the day it was republished.

Initially your presentations are NOT released to the students.

To navigate to your Echo360 lectures:

  1. Login to
  2. Go to your class website
  3. Click on "Echo360 Presentations" in the "Quick Links" table, then click the button "Load Echo360 Presentations into a new window"
  4. You should arrive at at the landing page that lists all your presentations for the class (if not, click DASHBORAD > look for the class and click "ALL CLASSES" button). If any of your presentations are missing, please contact

Release instruction:

  1. Click on the "availability" icon (gray means unavailable) for the presentation you wish to release. (see illustration)
  2. Click one of the following: (see illustration)
  3. For more details, see Editing Availability Settings for Published Content

To change your lecture titles:

  1. Editing lecture name and description

To organize your lectures in the list:

  1. Reordering lectures
  2. Grouping lectures (we recommend grouping your lectures by week)

Bad/unwanted presentations:

Lectures: transcription for ADA/504

Video transcription is enabled to comply with ADA/504 guidelines. Echo360 videos are now including automated transcription generated through the Amazon ASR service. Please note that ASR is not 100% accurate and must be edited and applied as captions.

Not Lectures: supplemental videos

Videos that are supplemental to the primary weekly lectures should be recorded in Zoom and upload to Kaltura in Bruin Learn.

The MSOL program has staff ready to assist you with the training and usage of Echo360. Please contact to get started. Additional online user manual is available at There is also a video training at

Please note that Echo360 is integrated into your class website in Bruin Learn. For assistance with this integration, contact




Studio Location Usage
Studio A 4732 BH Echo360 recording for class presentations
Studio B 4732 BH Echo360 recording for class presentations
Studio C 4732 BH Zoom for online office hours

NOTE: For classroom video capturing, contact

Laptop software:

If you need a software installed on the studio laptops, please consult with

To being recording:

  1. Open "Echo360 Capture" app on your Mac or Windows computer
  2. You will be directed to login at
  3. Login with your email address in the Campus Directory
  4. After you've successfully logged into, you can begin recording on your computer.
  5. Set metadata (title, details, etc.) and publish it to your course. If you need assistance with this, see the following:
  6. After the Echo360 Capture app finishes uploading to the Echo360 cloud, confirm the capture is in your course in the Echo360 cloud. If you need help, contact

Uploading non-Echo360 video into Echo360:

Although it is preferred that you use Echo360 to record the primary weekly lectures, it is possible to upload other media formats into Echo360.

Online: class websites

Please visit

Software: activation/request

Please visit


It is the responsibility of the instructor/TA to test all coursework being run prior to assigning to the students. SEASnet will only work with the instructor/TA to resolve any issue related to software installations.

Software: MATLAB

UCLA has a campus-wide license for MATLAB. MATLAB is also installed on the Remote Desktop.

Software: Cadence/EE

Cadence and other EE software are not available for your class until you fill out the class resource activation form for your class to specifically request for it.

Many students have trouble with setting up these software for first use, so please give your students a clear instruction on how use these software. SEASnet has the instruction on to how access the eeapps servers at Your responsibility is to provide the instruction on what to do next after the students have logged in to eeapps.

Software: Remote Desktop

SEASnet Remote Desktop is used by TAs and students to access lab software.

Software: NEW software

New lab software currently not installed on SEASnet requires one quarter advance notice. Please verify and test software in our environment, including the Remote Desktop, prior to assigning any student work that uses the software (use your SEASnet TA account to test). If you have any UCLA Extension students in your class, you must verify that any MSDNAA software required for the class is available on the Remote Desktop.

Misc: equipment checkouts

There are laptops, tablets and microphones available for you to checkout in 4732 BH. Please be responsible and take good care of the equipments in your possession and return them promptly at the end of each quarter so that they are available on-time to the next instructors/TAs.

Misc: teaching evaluation surveys

The evaluation of instruction program is handled by UCLA Center for the Advancement of Teaching.