Morrin-Martinelli-Gier Memorial Heat Transfer Laboratory
University of California, Los Angeles


Life in the lab



Our group in June 2017

From left to right- Front row: An-Shen, Aisha, Eylul, Tiphaine, Middle row: Du Mu, Zhenyu, Sara, Bing-Ang, Top row: Ampol, Atindra, OB, Ben, Michal.

Our group in Summer 2011

From left to right: Front row - Yi, Jin, Anna, Hainan, Raylene. Top row - Ian, Joseph, Zachary, Angel, Razmig, Felix, Laurent

July 2009 birthday surprise

From left to right: Jin, Dmitry, Hiep, Pedro, Hainan, Thomas, Ashcon, Karen

Our group in Fall 2009

From left to right: Top row - Thomas, Ashcon, Dmitry, Laurent. Middle row - Herman, Julian, Hainan, CuiXin. First row - David, Jin, Hiep, Karen

Our group in Fall 2008

From top left corner clockwise: Damien (blue shirt), Halil (white shirt), Hugo, Saurabh, Pedro, Jiafei, Thomas, Laurent, Ashcon

In the lab in Fall 2008

From left to right : Saurabh, Pedro, Halil, Hugo, Damien, Jiafei, Thomas, Ashon, Laurent

Graduation ceremony, June 2008

Dr. Katika (left) and Dr. Berberoglu (right)

Farewell to Fabien and Sophie, September 2007

From left to right : Laurent, Fabien, Halil, Kamal, Claire, Sam, Damien, Rei, and Howard. September 2007 (Sophie took the picture)

Birthday lunch, July 2007

Left to right: Kyle, Claire, Laurent, Jennifer, and Halil

Title: Diana, Jonathan, Fritz, Howard, and Lisa

In the lab in Summer 2006

Left to right: Halil, Kyle, Marcia, Cory, Ivan, Laurent, Claire, Jennifer, Rei

Graduation ceremony, June 2004

Left to right: Diana, Jonathan, Fritz, Howard, Lisa


Graduation ceremony, June 2004

Left to right: Serge, Kamal, Howard, Aleks, Fritz, Diana, Halil

A break in Summer 2004

Left to right: Matt, Howard, Samuel, Kamal

Microalgae grown in the lab

A. variabilis
R. sphaeroides
Chlorella sp.
B. brauni
left to right: flasks containing the same concentration of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii (i) wild strain CC 125 and mutants* (ii) tla1, (iii) 37RP1-tla1, (iv) tlaX.
*Provided by Prof. Melis, UC Berkeley


Microbubbles in alginate matrix
water/oil colloidal biliquid microfoams
Aqueous microfoams (colloidal gas aphrons)
Aqueous microfoams

Mesoporous materials

Mesoporous hexagonal SiO2 film* Mesoporous cubic SiO2 film*
* Film synthesize by Prof. Sarah Tolbert's group at UCLA


Porous materials

Cell wall of polymeric foams
Aluminum foams
Bubble entrapped in glass (bubbles have an average diameter of 1 mm)
Porous P(VDF-TrFE) film