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Poster Abstracts

(Listed in alphabetic sequence by last names of first authors)

Synchrotron radiation Scanning X-ray micro-diffraction study of Sn whiskers on Pb-free surface finish  Abstract   Poster
W. J. Choi, T. Y. Lee, and K. N. Tu, UCLA;
N. Tamura, R. S. Celestre, and A. A. MacDowell, Advanced Light Source, LBNL, Berkeley;
Y. Y. Bong, and Luu Nguyen, National Semiconductor Corporation.

The polarity effect of electromigration on intermetallic compound (IMC) formation in solder V-groove samples   Abstract    Poster
H. Gan and K. N. Tu, UCLA;

A fluxless Au-Sn process achieved in air ambient  Abstract
Dongwook Kim, Ricky Chuang and C.C. Lee UC Irvine;

Morphology, kinetics, and thermodynamics of solid state aging of eutectic SnPb and Pb-free solders (SnAg3.5, SnAg3.8Cu0.7 and SnCu0.7) on Cu   Abstract    Poster
T. Y. Lee, W. J. Choi, and K. N. Tu, UCLA;
J. W. Jang, S. M. Kuo, J. K. Lin and D. R. Frear, Motorola;
K. Zeng, and J. K. Kivilahti, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland.

New Failure Mode Induced by Electric Current in Flip Chip Solder Joints  Abstract
Y. H. Lin, E. C. Hu, and C. Robert Kao, National Central University, Taiwan.

Precision Optical Packaging of V-grooved Fiber Array by Lead-free Solder   Abstract
Sheng-Quan Ou, Gu Xu, Yuhuan Xu, and K. N. Tu, UCLA

Tin Whiskers Studied by Focused Ion Beam Imaging and Transmission Electron Microscopy   Abstract   Poster
George T. T. Sheng and C. F. Hu Macronix International Co., Taiwan;
W. J. Choi and K. N. Tu, UCLA; Y. Y. Bong and Luu Nguyen, National Semiconductor Corporation.

Effect of Cu Concentration on the Solid-State Aging Reactions between SnAgCu Lead-Free Solders and Ni  Abstract   
L. G. Shiau, C. E. Ho, W. C. Luo, and C. Robert Kao, National Central University, Taiwan

Morphology Change of Intermetallic Compound formed by wetting reaction between SnPb alloys and Cu   Poster
Jong-ook Suh, T.Y. Lee and K.N. Tu, UCLA


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