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United States Patents Issued(11)

  1. No. 3996095, "Epitaxial process of forming ferrite Fe3O4 and gamma Fe2O3 thin films on special materials," issued on Dec. 7, 1976 to Kie Yeung Ahn, Christopher Henry Bajorek, Robert Rosenberg and King-Ning Tu.
  2. No. 4001049, "Method for improving dielectric breakdown strength of insulating glassy materials layer of a device including ion implantation therein," issued on Jan. 4, 1977 to John E. Baglin, Thomas H. DiStefano, and King-Ning Tu.
  3. No. 4394673, "Rare earth silicide Schottky barriers" issued on July, 19, 1983 to Richard D. Thompson, Boryeu Tsaur, and King-Ning Tu.
  4. No. 4728626, "Method for making plananr 3D heteroepitaxial semiconductor structure with buried epitaxial silicides," issued on march 1, 1988 to King-Ning Tu.
  5. No. 4803539, "Dopant control of metal silicide formation," issued on Feb. 7, 1989 to Peter A. Psaras, Richard D. Thompson and King-Ning Tu.
  6. No. 4980751, "Electrical multilayer contact for microelectronic structure," issued on Dec. 25, 1990 to Moshe Eizenberg and King-Ning Tu.
  7. No. 5294486, "Barrier improvement in thin films," issued on March 15, 1994 to Milan Paunovic and King-Ning Tu.
  8. No. 5308794, "Aluminum-Germanium alloys for VLSI metallization," issued on May 3, 1994 to King-Ning Tu.
  9. No. 5882953, "Dopant activation by high current densities," issued on March 6, 1999 to Jia-Sheng Huang and King-Ning Tu.
  10. No. 5504375, "Asymmetric studs and connecting lines to minimize stress," issured on April 2, 1996 to William H. Carlson, Leathen Shi, and King-Ning Tu.
  11. No. 6280794, "Method of forming dielectric materials suitable for microelectronic circuits," issued on August 28, 2001 to King-Ning Tu, Yuhuan Xu and Bin Zhao

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