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 List of thesis

Ph.D. students:

Dr. Harqkyun Kim, 1996 Dissertation title: "Instability at wetting tip and wetting interface of Sn-based solders on Cu substrate."  Now at BMR, Orange County, CA.

Dr. Jia-Sheng Huang, 1997 Dissertation title: "Polarity effect on failure of Ni and Ni2Si contacts on p+-Si and n+-Si under high current densities." Now at Emcore Corp., Alhambra, CA.

Dr. Patrick G. Kim, 1998 Dissertation title: "Wetting behaviors of Pb-based and Pb-free solders on Au, Pd, and Ni substrates."  Now at Amkor Technology, Chandler, AZ.

Dr. Loren Chow, 1999 Dissertation title: "Structure and mechanical propertes of low dielectric constant xerogel thin films"  Now at Intel, Santa Clara, CA.

Dr. Chien-Neng Liao, 1999 Dissertation title: "Thermoelectric characterization of Si thin films in SOI wafers and thermal conductivity of low dielectric constant thin films."  Now associate professor at National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan, ROC.

Dr. Chih Chen, 1999 Dissertation title: "Grain boundary structure in twist-type Si bicrystals made from SOI and dopant activation in SOI by high density currents."  Now professor at National Chiao Tung Univeristy, Hsinchu, Taiwan, ROC.

Dr. Dawei Zheng, 1999 Dissertation title: "Measurement of local stress for microelectronics applications," Now at LightCross, Los Angeles, CA

Dr. Chengyi Liu, 2000 Dissertation title: "Wetting behavior and electromigration of SnPb solders as a function of alloy composition." Now professor at National Central University, Chungli, Taiwan, ROC.

Dr. Taek Yeong Lee, 2001 Dissertation title: "Electromigration and solid state aging of Pb-free flip chip solder joints and synchrotron radiation study of Sn whisker growth." Now assistant professor at Hanbat National Unviersity, Korea.

Dr. Peter Sangwoo Nam, 2001 Dissertation title: "GaAs backside through chip via hole integration using inductively coupled plasma etching. " Now at TRW, Redondo Beach, CA.

Dr. Woojin Choi, 2002 Dissertation title: "Reliability of Pb-free solders in electronic packaging technology." Now at Intel, Chandra, AZ.

Dr. Hua Gan, 2004 Dissertation title: "Polarity effect of electromigration on intermetallic compound formation in Pb-free solder V-groove samples." Now at IBM East Fishkill, NY.

Dr. Albert T.C. Wu, 2004 Dissertation title: "Electromigration and microstructure evolution in anisotropic conducting Tin studied by synchrotron X-ray microdiffraction." Now assistant professor in Nationals Central University, Chungli, Taiwan.

Dr. Emily Shengquan Ou, 2005 Dissertation Tiltle, "The polarity effect of electromigration on intermetallic compound formation and back stress in V-groove solder lines." Now at Intel, Chandler, AZ.

Dr. Minyu Yan, 2005 Dissertation title: "To eliminate electromigration induced failure in Cu interconnect technology." Now at Intel, Chandler, AZ

Dr. Fei Ren , 2006 Dissertation title: "Polarity effect of electromigration on mechanical properties of lead (Pb)-free solder joints." Now at Intel, Chandler, AZ

Dr. Annie T. Huang, 2006 Dissertation title: "Electromigration and thermomigration studies in composite high-Pb and eutectic SnPb flip chip solder joints." Now at Spansion, Sunnyville, CA.

Dr. Jong-ook Suh, 2006 Dissertation title: "Orientation distribution, morphology, and size distribution of Cu6Sn5 intermetallic compound in reaction between molten solder and Cu in flip chip solder joints." Now at JPL, Pasadena, CA.

Dr. Xi Zhang, 2007 Dissertation title: "Novel Electrochemical Nickel Metallization in Silicon Impedance Engineering for Mixed-Signal System-on-Chip Crosstalk Isolation." Now at FormFactor Inc., Livermore, CA.

Dr. Tiffany Fan-Yi Ou Yang, 2007 Dissertation title: "Electromigration and thermomigration in eutectic SnPb and SnAgCu flip chip solder joints." Now assistant professor in Dept. of Industrial Engineering at National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan.

Dr. Kuo-Chang Lu, 2008 Dissertation title: "Nano-silicide formation through point contact reaction, NiSi/Si/NiSi, PtSi/Si/PtSi nanowire heterostructures for nanodevices." Now assistant professor at National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan.

Dr. Kai Chen, 2009 Dissertation title: "Synchrotron polychromatic X-ray Laue microdiffraction studies of electromigration in Al (Cu) interconnects and Pb-free solder joints." Now Associate Professor, Jiao-Tung University, Xi'an, China.

Dr. Di Xu, 2009 Dissertation title: "Nanotwin Formation by Electrodeposition and Its influence on the Physical Properties and Reliability of Copper Interconnects." Now failure analysis engineer, Intel, Portland. OR.

Dr. Yi-Chia Chou, 2010, dissertation title, "Nucleation and growth of nanoscale metal silicides in nanowires of silicon." Now post-doc at IBM T. J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY.

Dr. Hsin-Ping Chen, 2010 Dissertation Title, "Electromigration induced partial dislocation motion and microstructure changes in nano-twin modified Cu interconnects" Now a Process TD Engineer at Intel, Portland, OR.

Dr. Daechul Choi, 2011 Dissertation entitled "Statistical and physical analysis of electromigration-induced failure in Pb-free flip chip solder joints." Now a processing engineer at Intel, Chandler, AZ.

Dr. Jung Kyu Han, 2011 Dissertation entitled "Effect of thermo-electromigration on copper dissolution and intermetallic compound formation in flip chip Pb-free solder joints." Now a processing engineer at Intel, Chandler, AZ.

Dr. Tian Tian, 2012 Dissertation entitled "The Application of Synchrotron Radiation X-rays 3D Imaging Techniques to The Study of Electromigration Failure in Flip-Chip Solder Joints." Now a Scientist at Maxim Integrated Products, San Jose, CA.

Dr. Wei Tang, 2012 Dissertation entitled "Silicide/silicon heterointerfaces, reaction kinetics and ultra-short channel devices." Now a processing engineer at Lam Research, San Jose, CA.

Dr. Yi-Ting Henry Chen, 2016 Dissertation entitled "Chemical effect on diffusion in intermetallic compounds". Now an engineer at Xilinx, San Jose, CA.

Dr. Menglu Li, 2016 Dissertation entitled "Joule heating induced interconnect failure in 3D IC technology". Now a packaging engineer at Qualcomm Inc., San Diego, CA.

Dr. Yingxia Liu, 2016 Dissertation entitled "Reliability studies of Pb-free solder joints down to 1 um in diameter". Now a reliability engineer at Intel, San Jose, CA.

Dr. Yaodong Wang, 2016 Dissertation entitled "Mechanical reliability challenges in Cu-Sn microbump for 3D IC packaging technology". Now a packaging engineer at Intel, Chandler, AZ.

M.Sc. students:

Wang Yang, 1995 Thesis title: "Ultra-fast soldering reaction of eutectic SnPb and eutectic SnBi on Pd surfaces." Now at Vitesse Semiconductor Corp., Camarillo, CA.

Ann A Liu, 1996 Thesis title: "Spalling of Cu-Sn compounds in the soldering reaction between eutectic SnPb and Au/Cu/Cr thin films." Now at TRW, Redondo Beach, CA.

Sharon S. Y. Huang, 1997 Thesis title: "Ultra-thin TaN as diffusion barrier for Cu interconnects." Now at Applied Materials, Santa Clara, CA.

Jessica P. Almaraz, 1998 Thesis title: "Morphology of the wetting reaction of Pb-free solder (eutectic SnAg and eutectic SnBi) on Ni substrates." Now at Northrop, CA.

Ben Zhengyi Jia, 1997 Thesis title: "Stress of Ni thin films on Si wafers," Now a graduate student in Dept. EE, UCLA.

Yi-Pin Tsai, 1999 thesis title: "Microstructure and properties of low dielectric constant porous polymer PAE thin films," Now at Intel, Calabasas, CA.

Judy Pei-Yao Liu, 1999 Thesis title: "Synthesis and properties of low dielectric constant ORMOSIL thin films," Now at Applied Materials, Taiwan.

Quyen Tang Huynh, 2000 Thesis title: "Electromigration Study in PbSn Solder Lines." Now at Intel, Calabasas, CA.

Gu Xu, 2001 Thesis title: "Effect of Electromigration in V-shaped Solder Lines." Now in Hong Kong Unversity of Science and Technology.

Steven S. Bai, 2002 Thesis title: "Growth of high-performance InP-double heterojunction bipolar transistor (InP-DHBT) for high speed circuit application," Now at HRL Laboratories, Malibu, CA.

Jongsung Kim, 2002 Thesis title: "Flow kinetics of molten Pb-free solders along V-groove etched on (001) Si surface." Now at UCI.

Cindy Wan-Ying Ma, 2002 Thesis title: "The synthesis and characterization of porous low-k methylsilsesquioxane films for interlayer dielectric applications." Now at Raytheon, Torrance, CA.

Seung-Yub Lee, 2003 Thesis title: "Synthesis and Characterization of Organically Modified Silicates Thin Film for Low Dielectric Constant Materials." Now at Caltech.

Xi Zhang, 2004 Thesis title: "Electroless Ni metallization of macro-porous silicon for the application to cross-talk isolation in mixed signal integrated circuits." Now a Ph. D Student in Dept. of MSE, UCLA.

Minyu Yan, 2005 Thesis title: "The effect of immersion and evaporated Sn coating on the electromigration failure mechanism and lifetime of Cu damascene interconnects." Now a Ph. D Student in Dept. of MSE, UCLA.

Rajat Agarwal, 2005 Thesis Title, "Electromigration in eutectic SnPb V-groove solder lines at 100 C." Now at Intel, Santa Clara, CA.

Jong-ook-Suh, 2005 thesis title: "Morphology and size distribution of Cu6Sn5 intermetallic compound as a function of reflow time and solder composition in flip chip solder joint." Now a Ph. D Student in Dept. of MSE, UCLA.

Joanne Huang , 2006 thesis title: "Electromigration and Joule Heating in Wafer-Level Chip Scale Packages." Now self employed.

Gordon Kuo-Chang Lu, 2006 thesis title: "Point Contact Reactions between a Si Nanowire and a Ni Nanowire." Now a Ph. D Student in Dept. of MSE, UCLA

Alan Wang, 2007 thesis title: "Electromigration and impact test of flip chip solder joints." Now in Hsinch, Taiwan.

Craig Chi, 2007 Project title: "Thermal Stability of Pulse-Electroplated Nano-Twinned Copper Films." Now in CA.

Jarrett Liang, 2008 thesis: title "Electromigration in Tin-Copper, Tin-Silver, and Eutectic Tin-Lead Flip Chip Solder Joints." Now at SanDisk, Milpitas, CA.

Cecilia Jackie Preciado, 2008 M. Sc. thesis title, "Electromigration and thermomigration in Pb-free flip chips on flexible substrates." Now at Intel, Portland, OR.

Sutatch Ratanaphan, 2008 M. Sc. thesis title, "An application of grain boundary engineering concept to copper through-silicon-via interconnect fabrication." Now in Thailand

Miss Tanvi Garg, 2011 M. Sc. thesis entitled "Electromigration induced failure in lead-free solder joints: Physical and statistical analysis." Now a processing engineer at Intel, Chandler, AZ.

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