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Prof. King-Ning Tu
Department of Materials Sci. & Engi.
6532-B Boelter Hall
University of California at Los Angeles
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1595
Telephone: (310)-206-4838
fax: (310)-206-7353
E-mail: kntu@ucla.edu

1960 B.Sc.   National Taiwan University (Mechanical Engineering), Taiwan, ROC
1964 M.Sc.   Brown University (Materials Science), Providence, RI, USA
1968 Ph.D.   Harvard University (Applied Physics), Cambridge, MA, USA

Professional Experience
06/68 - 12/68   Research Fellow, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
12/68 - 06/93  
IBM T.J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, New York
09/72 - 08/78: 1st Level manager of Kinetics and Diffusion Group
0978 - 08/85: 2nd Level Manager of Thin Film Science Department
09/85 -10/87: 3rd Level Manager of Materials Science Department
10/75 - 09/76   Science Research Council Senior Research Fellow, Cavendish Laboratory, Physics Department, Cambridge University, UK
07/90 - 06/91   The Royal Society Guest Research Fellow, Cavendish Laboratory, Physics Department, Cambridge University, UK
07/88 - 06/93   Adjunct Professor, Dept. of Materials Science, Cornell University, Ithaca
07/96 - 11/96   Humboldt Awardee at Max-Planck Institute, Halle, Geermany
11/96 - 01/97   Visiting Professor at Dept. of Physics and Dept. of ME, HKUST, HK
06/99 - 07/99   Humboldt Awardee at Max-Planck Institute, Stuttgart, Germany
09/02   Tan Kah Kee visiting professorship in School of Materials Engineering, Nanyang Technology University, Singapore.
12/02   The Royal Society/Kan Tong Po visiting professorship to Dept. of Electric Engineering, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
07/93 - now   Professor, Dept. of Materials Science & Engineering, UCLA
07/98 - 06/04   Chair, Dept. of Materials Science & Engineering, UCLA

American Physical Society - Fellow, 1981
The Metallurgical Society - Fellow, 1988
Churchill College - Overseas Fellow, 1990
Materials Research Society - President, 1981
The Metallurgical Society - Application to Practice Award, 1988
Alpha Sigma Mu Lecturer of American Society for Metals, 1986
Acta/Scripta Metallurgica Lecturer, 1990 - 1992
Humboldt Research Award for Senior US scientists, 1996
Honorary Member of The Korean Institute of Metals and Materials, 1996
Advisory Professor of Fudan University, Shanghai, 1997
Certificate of Appreciation from SEMATECH for flip chip study, 1998
Member of Academia Sinica, ROC, 2002

Research Experience
Kinetic processes in thin films, metal-Si interfaces, electromigration, Pb-free solder metallurgy, low dielectric constant thin film,phase change driven by high current density and high electric and magnetic fields.

321 journal publications, 11 patents, 14 edited books and proceedings
1 textbook on "Electronic Thin Film Science"


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