Taira Lab - Computational and Data-Driven Fluid Dynamics Group

UCLA Courses


Intermediate Fluid Mechanics

Undergraduate - FA19, FA20, FA21, WI23, WI24

Topics: governing equations, fundamental solutions, lubrication theory, potential flow, boundary layers, turbulent pipe flows.


Foundations of Fluid Dynamics

Graduate - WI20, WI21, WI22

Topics: flow kinematics, basic equations, constitutive relations, exact solutions, vorticity dynamics, potential flow.


Data Science for Fluid Dynamics

Graduate - SP20, SP22, SP24

Topics: Application of data-driven methods for fluid dynamics. Project-based course.


Numerical Methods for Incompressible Flows

Graduate - SP21, SP23

Topics: Fundamentals of numerical methods, incompressible flow solvers, DNS, RANS, LES.

Workshops/Technical Activities

US-Japan Workshop on Data-Driven Fluid Dynamics

Kobe, Japan

September 2022 [link]

Remote Colloquium on Vortex Flows (Machine Learning Tutorials for Fluid Dynamics)

Virtual seminar [link]

October 2021 - Part 1: Unsupervised Learning [slides]

November 2021 - Part 2: Supervised Learning [slides]

Machine Learning x Thermal-Fluids Engineering (hosted by JSME)

Virtual workshop

March 2021 [slides, link]

Machine Learning and CFD (hosted by AdvanceSoft)

Virtual seminar

November 2020 [slides, link]

Network Science for Fluid Dynamics

Virtual workshop

June 2020 [link]

Montestigliano Spring School (hosted by ERCOFTAC)

Network Science for Fluid Dynamics

April 2019

Invited keynote speaker [link]

US-Japan Workshop on Bridging Data Science and Fluid Dynamics

Tokyo, Japan

March 2018 [link]

AIAA Modal Decomposition Discussion Group

FDTC Technical Activity

2015-18 (with Doug Smith 2015-17, Maziar Hemati 2017-18)

Invited session organizations, overview paper compilations [Overview 1, Overview 2], etc.

AIAA Continuing Education Course

Specialist's Course on Flow Control

(with David Williams and Daniel Miller, 2013)

Responsible topics: Dynamic models of fluid systems I & II

FSU Courses


Fluid Mechanics

Graduate - Fall 2011, Fall 2012, Fall 2013

Topics: fundamentals of fluid mechanics, conservation laws, potential flows, viscous flows, vortical flows


Computational Fluid Dynamics for Incompressible Flows

Graduate - Spring 2012, Spring 2013, Fall 2014, Fall 2018

Topics: fundamentals of numerical methods, incompressible flow solvers, DNS, RANS, LES


Network Analysis

Undergraduate/graduate - Fall 2015, Fall 2017

Topics: introduction to networks, graph theory, structures of networks, dynamics on networks


Numerical Methods for Engineers

Undergradaute - Spring 2014, Spring 2015, Spring 2016, Spring 2017

Topics: programming in Matlab, numerical methods, engineering applications

Outreach Education Programs

Buck Lake Elementary School

Grades: K, 1, 2, 3

Bottle rockets (energy); oobleck (states of matters); mechanics of flight (paper/model airplanes); helicopters (flight/acoustics)

Florida State University School

Grade: 4

Oobleck (states of matters)

Challenger Learning Center

Summer camp/Weekend outreach

Mechanics of flight (paper/model airplanes)

AME Building - Open House

General public: Science/engineering fair

Mechanics of flight (paper/model airplanes); oobleck (states of matters)