Bio-plasmonics Interaction Research Laboratory (BIRL)

The Xie Research Group is interested in the biological applications of hybrid platform VPMB (van der Waals-expressed plasmon-enhanced molecule-scale bio-sensing platform).


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Plasmonic Tweezer

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Semiconductor device

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Recent Publications:

“Dislocation Reduction and Stress Relaxation of GaN and InGaN Multiple Quantum Wells with Improved Performance via Serpentine Channel Patterned Mask”, Qingbin Ji, Lei Li, Wei Zhang, Jia Wang, Peichi Liu, Yahong Xie, Tongxing Yan, Wei Yang, Weihua Chen, and Xiaodong Hu, ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, DOI: 10.1021/acsami.6b07044;
“The Electro-Mechanical Responses of Suspended Graphene Ribbons for Electrostatic Discharge Applications”, Wei Zhang, Rui Ma, Qi Chen, Ming Xia, Jimmy Ng, Albert Wang, and Ya-Hong Xie, Appl. Phys. Lett., v.108, 153103 (2016);
“Systematic Characterization of Graphene ESD Interconnects for on-Chip ESD Protection”, Qi Chen, Rui Ma, Wei Zhang, Fei Lu, Chenkun Wang, Ya-Hong Xie, and Albert Wang, IEEE Trans. Electron Dev., v.63, 3205 (2016);
“Synthesis and investigation of novel ZnO-CuO core-shell nanospheres”, H. Li, L.Y. Zhu, M.L. Xia, N. Jin, K.F. Luo, and Y.H. Xie, Materials Letters, v.174, 99-101 (2016).
“Photodetection in hybrid single layer graphene/fully coherent Ge island nanostructures selectively grown on Si nano-tip patterns”, Gang Niu, Giovanni Capellini, Grzegorz Lupina, Tore Niermann, Marco Salvalaglio, Anna Marzegalli, Markus Andreas Schubert, Peter Zaumseil, Hans-Michael Krause, Oliver Skibitzki, Michael Lehmann, Francesco Montalenti, Ya-Hong Xie, Thomas Schroeder , ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, v.8, 2017 (2016);


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