Professor Sudhakar Pamarti's Signal Processing & Circuit Engineering (SPACE) research group works on the co-design of mixed signal circuit design and digital signal processing to achieve high-performance, efficient and resilient hardware. We are interested in a wide variety of high-impact applications from RF transceivers to edge node machine learning. Some of our latest research projects include programmable RF receivers using Filtering by Aliasing, stochastic computing machine learning accelerators, Voltage-Controller MRAM, fast start-up oscillators and high performance frequency synthesizers.

Opportunities: We have one or two Ph.D. and several M.S. research position openings each year.

Group News

[Sept, 2023] One paper accepted to International Electron Device Meeting 2023 (IEDM) : "The First CMOS-Integrated Voltage-Controlled MRAM with 0.7ns Switching Time".

[Nov, 2022] One paper accepted to Asian Solide State Circuit Conference 2022 (ASSCC) and won student design contest award : "A 65nm 8-bit All-Digital Stochastic-Compute-In-Memory Deep Learning Processor". [link]

[June, 2021] PhD student Jiyue Yang won the 2021 Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship for his proposal: "A Stochastic Compute-in-Memory Neural Network Accelerator with Variable Precision Tunning". (June, 2021) [link]

[Jan, 2021] One paper is presented on the 2021 ISSCC by Shi Bu in the "High-Performance Receiver and Transmitter" session: "A 0.9V Dual-Channel Filtering-by-Aliasing Receiver Front-End Achieving +35dBm IIP3 and <-81dBm LO Leakage Supporting Intra and Inter-Band Carrier Aggregation" (Jan, 2021) [link]

[April, 2019] PhD student Shi Bu won the 2019 Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship for his work on wideband frequency-channelized ADC using Time-Varying circuits and adaptive digital controls. [link]

[Jan, 2019] Two papers from Hani Esmaeelzadeh and Szu-Yao Hung are presented on the 2019 ISSCC in the sessions of Frequency Synthesizers and Analog Techniques. [link1] [link2]