Professor Sudhakar Pamarti's Signal Processing & Circuit Engineering (SPACE) research group works on high performance mixed signal integrated circuits with the focus on using digital signal processing algorithms to reduce design effort and diminish power/area. We are interested in the circuit hardware and DSP algorithms' co-design to push the boundary of circuit and system's performance. Some of our research interests include time varying circuits used in programmable RF receivers, fast start-up oscillators, high performance frequency synthesizers and energy efficient machine learning accelerators.

Group News

  • One paper will be presented on the 2021 ISSCC in the "High-Performance Receiver and Transmitter" session. (Jan, 2021)
  • PhD student Shi Bu won the 2019 Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship for his work on wideband frequency-channelized ADC using Time-Varying circuits and adaptive digital controls. (April, 2019)
  • Two papers are accepted to the 2019 ISSCC in the sessions of Frequency Synthesizers and Analog Techniques. (Jan, 2019)
  • PhD student, Hani Esmaeelzadeh, won the best poster award at the 2018 Semiconductor Research Corporation and Texas Analog Center of Excellence Annual Review.