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Francis F. Chen, Professor Emeritus

Electrical Engineering Department
University of California, Los Angeles 90095-1594

(310) 825-5624           FAX: (310) 206-8495


Ph.D. 1954 Physics, Harvard University

M.A. 1953 Physics, Harvard University

A.B. 1950 Astronomy, Harvard University

Professional Experience

1994-present: Professor Emeritus, UCLA

1969-1994  Professor, UCLA Electrical Engineering

1985 Visiting scientist, Australia and Japan

1977 Visiting scientist, Lausanne, Switzerland

1962-63 Visiting scientist, Fontenay-aux-Roses, France

1954-69 Senior Research Physicist, Princeton Plasma
     Physics Laboratory

Honors and Awards

1947 Wendell Scholar, Harvard Class of '50

1948 Phi Beta Kappa

1968 Fellow, American Physical Society

1980 Fellow, IEEE; Life Fellow, 2003

1983 Chairman, APS Division of Plasma Physics

1994 IEEE Plasma Science and Applications Award

1995 Maxwell Prize. American Physical Society 

1999 Fellow, Institute of Physics, UK

2009 The Plasma Prize, AVS Plasma Science and Technology Division

2010 Fellow, American Vacuum Society

2015 Dickson Emeriti Professorship

Research Fields

1. Experimental high-energy physics: p -p scattering at
     1 GeV.

2. Magnetic confinement fusion: stellarator experiments.

3. Plasma diagnostics, especially Langmuir probes, lasers.

4. Basic plasma physics: anomalous diffusion, drift waves, 
    Q-machines, shear stabilization, rf antennas and waves, 
    sheaths, gas discharges, plasma waves and instabilities, 
    plasma sources.

5. Inertial confinement fusion and laser-plasma interactions: 
    theory and experiment on stimulated Brillouin and
    Raman scattering, optical mixing, filamentation, 
    and high-density plasma sources.

6. Laser accelerators and related topics.

7. Low temperature plasma physics for industrial

Professional Activities (partial)

1972-77 Chairman, Fusion Advisory Committee, 
    Electric Power Research Institute

1975 Member, Hafstad Committee for Laser Fusion

1973 Associate Editor, Physics of Fluids

1981 Founder, University Fusion Association

1984-88 Editorial Board, Plasma Physics and
    Controlled Fusion

1993-94 Chair, Naval Studies Board Panel on Plasma

Selected publications

F.F. Chen, Introduction to Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion, 2nd ed., Vol. 1: "Plasma Physics" (Plenum Press, 

   New York, 1984).

F.F. Chen, An Indispensable Truth, How Fusion Power Can Save the Planet (Springer, 2011).

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