Greg Pottie

Tech Camp

Prof. Pottie is the faculty advisor for Tech Camp. Participation opportunities for high school students and UCLA Engineering undergraduates are discussed below.

Each summer, Tech Campers can choose among one of two four-week sessions focused upon learning how to systematically design particular systems, guided by UCLA engineering students. There are two such mentors for each team of 6-8 students, providing a high degree of individual attention to enable all team members to achieve the project goals. Multiple projects are available each summer, with a range of core engineering disciplines. These projects teach such skills as designing and building electrical circuits, programming, computer aided design, construction of batteries, and designing and building robots of various types. The typical day has a combination of theory required for the design project, hands-on technical activities, and a recreation hour. Additionally, throughout the four weeks sessions are held discussing the college experience, college admissions, careers and pathways in engineering, and the historical origins and social impact of the different engineering disciplines.

Projects are chosen based on a proposal competition in the Fall, with all the student clubs in the School invited to submit a proposal. Cash awards are given to clubs with winning proposals. Student mentors are selected in Winter, and take a directed studies course in Spring, detailing how to conduct classes, construct lesson plans, and prototype the projects. These paid positions provide a unique opportunity to construct and deliver curriculum, and provide excellent experience for technical team leadership in industry.

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