2nd US-Japan Workshop on Data-Driven Fluid Dynamics

Dates: November 9-11, 2020 (postponed)
Location: Kobe Meriken Park Oriental Hotel, Kobe, Japan

This workshop has been postponed.

Due to COVID-19, this workshop has been postponed until further notice. Once the situlation is clear, we will reschedule this meeting and be in touch with the attendees. Thank you for your understanding.

Over the past two decades, the fluid dynamics community has enjoyed the advancement in computational, experimental, and theoretical techniques to analyze a variety of fluid flows. Developments in computational and experimental hardware, numerical algorithms, and unsteady measurement techniques have enabled not only detailed analysis of flow physics but also initiated cross-talks amongst the various disciplines of fluid mechanics. With these powerful toolsets now available, the fluid dynamics community has started to examine complex flows with high levels of unsteadiness, nonlinearity, and multi-scale dynamics. However, there still exist limitations on how modern analysis techniques can be applied to specific fluid dynamics problems. Theoretical and computational approaches are often limited to relatively simple flows at low Reynolds numbers, while practical applications require extension to more complex unsteady and turbulent flows. Extending the current state of the art in flow analysis to higher Reynolds number flows requires tackling high-dimensional physics and the associated big-data from numerical simulations or experimental measurements. Some of the recent innovations in data science may hold the key to address these issues. The aim of this workshop is to gather fluid dynamics and data science experts from their respective areas and discuss their ongoing progress and challenges in emerging analysis techniques, including data science, computational & theoretical fluid dynamics, and advanced experimental diagnostic methods, that can be shared with others to facilitate breakthroughs as a community. This event will stimulate discussions and collaborations between members of the research communities to identify key areas that can make the largest impact and to offer a vehicle to further strengthen research collaborations across the Pacific. Following the success of the first "US-Japan Workshop on Bridging Data Science and Fluid Mechanics," we are holding the second workshop now entitled "US-Japan Workshop on Data-Driven Fluid Dynamics."

Target Areas

Data-inspired techniques for fluid dynamics, including but not limited to data-driven analysis, modeling, estimation, and control of fluid flows.

Workshop Program (OLD verion - Schedule)

Full workshop booklet, including tentative schedule and titles of presentations (released: Feb 10, 2020) - [pdf]

Workshop Location

Kobe Meriken Park Oriental Hotel [website]
Kobe, Hyogo, Japan

Train Station: Sannomiya Station (local), Shin-Kobe Station (Shinkansen)
Airports: Kobe Airport (UKB), Kansai International Airport (KIX).


Kunihiko Taira (UCLA)
Kozo Fujii (Tokyo University of Science)
Koji Fukagata (Keio University)
Taku Nonomura (Tohoku University)
Steve Brunton (University of Washington)
Maziar Hemati (University of Minnesota)


This workshop is an invitation-only event due to space limitation. Please contact K. Taira for details. (Updated: February 12, 2020)

Gregg Abate (AFOSR)
Kei Ambo (Honda R&D)
Byungjin An (Ebara)
Steven Brunton (University of Washington)
Tim Colonius (Caltech)
Scott Dawson (Illinois Institute of Technology)
Jiro Doke (Mathworks)
Kozo Fujii (Tokyo University of Science)
Koji Fukagata (Keio University)
Shunsuke Fukagawa (Ebara)
Kai Fukami (Keio University)
Akira Goto (Ebara)
Hiroshi Gotoda (Tokyo University of Science)
Michael Graham (University of Wisconsin)
Maziar Hemati (University of Minnesota)
Michio Inoue (Mathworks)
Yoshinobu Kawahara (Kyushu Univ/RIKEN)
Sung-Eun Kim (ONR Global)
Petros Koumoutsakos (ETH Zurich/Harvard University) - keynote speaker
Nathan Kutz (University of Washington)
Steve Legenski (Intelligent Light)
Stephen Makinen (Intelligent Light)
Krithika Manohar (Caltech)
Takashi Misaka (AIST)
Takemasa Miyoshi (RIKEN) - keynote speaker
Matthew Munson (ARO)
Takayuki Nagata (Tohoku University)
Aditya Nair (University of Washington)
Kumi Nakai (Tohoku University)
Masamichi Nakamura (Hitachi)
Motohiko Nohmi (Ebara)
Taku Nonomura (Tohoku University)
Fortunato Nucera (Honda R&D)
Yuya Omichi (JAXA)
Clarence Rowley (Princeton)
Koma Sato (Hitachi)
Peter Schmid (Imperial College London)
Koji Shimoyama (Tohoku University)
Douglas Smith (AFOSR/EOARD)
Kunihiko Taira (UCLA)
Tomoaki Tatsukawa (Tokyo University of Science)
Seiji Tsutsumi (JAXA)
Chi-An Yeh (UCLA)


We thank the generous support from:

Army Research Office
Asian Office of Aerospace Research and Development
Ebara Corporation
Hitachi Ltd.
Honda R&D Co., Ltd.
Intellient Light

Staying in Kobe


We will have a limited number of special-rate rooms at the conference hotel. Details on lodging will follow. Attendants are also welcome to make his/her own accomodations through Expedia or Jalan.


You can reach Kobe using international airports in Osaka (closer) and Tokyo. There is also a domestric airport in Kobe. See the linked pdf for some additional information on reaching the conference venue. [PDF]

Last Workshop (2018)

1st US-Japan Workshop on Merging Data Science and Fluid Mechanics (March 26-28, Tokyo, Japan) - [link]


For questions, contact Kunihiko Taira (Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, UCLA, ktaira@seas.ucla.edu).