Upcoming Events
Gingineering with AIChE and MRS

Past Events
11/10/16 - Ultimate Frisbee
    We took over UCLA's Wilson Plaza to play some friendly matches of Ultimate Frisbee!

10/14/16 - MRS Mentorship Kickoff
    MRS kicked off its 2016-17 Mentorship Program by introducing new mentors and mentees, collaborating on fun team-building exercises, and eating out in Westwood!

10/10/16 - Landing an MSE Internship
    A guest recruiter and a panel of MSE Alumni discussed the internship process with current MSE students!

10/7/16 - Coco's Social
    MRS's first social of the 2016-17 school year went to CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice in Westwood!

1/27/11 - Alumni Panel 2011
    This is the third annual alumni panel. Come join us for some Jersey Mikes and learn about life after college!

1/17/11 - California Steel Processing Tour
    California Steel Industries, Inc. has extended the MRS-UCLA chapter an opportunity to tour their steel processing facilities in Fontana, CA. Lunch is also provided.

11/17/10 - California Steel Infosession
    CA Steel will come and talk about themselves. They are looking for UCLA materials engineers (3rd years) for part time work during the school year and a summer internship... It's a PAID opportunity. There may even be full time positions available.

10/15/10 - Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Social
    Greetings fellow MSE students! The UCLA chapter of Materials Research Society would like to invite you to attend our first event of the new school year. MRS will be hosting a meet and greet/infosession for anybody who would be interested in joining. In addition to obvious benefits that MRS offers(networking, how to get into research, saged opinions of classes), there will also be free pizza and for dessert we will be making ice cream using liquid nitrogen. So if you're interested about what MRS is and does, or just really like pizza and freezing stuff, I encourage you to stop by and check us out.

1/13/10 - Alumni Panel 2010
    Come and learn what happens after college! If you don't want to know, then come for some delicious free food and listen to some fabulous almuni speakers talk about their life.

11/13/09 - Social Outing and Winter Quarter Class Sign-Ups!
    This happens right after MSE10 on Friday. A workshop will be held to help 1st years sign up for Winter Quarter Classes then an outing for some pizza with MRS officers and Professors! Great time to network and get some free pizza!

10/13/09 - Mentorship Dinner - 6:00p.m.
    Learn about classes and network!

9/28/09 - First 09-10 Officer's meeting
    The MRS League Reconvenes.

1/14/09 - Alumni Panel <Photos>
    Life after college?! Perposterous! Learn what other MSEs are doing after UCLA.

10/24/08 - MRS Social Outing
    Get to know the group!

5/30/08 - MRS End of the Year BBQ <Photos>
    Free food and alcohol? How can you lose?

5/16/08 - First 08-09 Officer's meeting
    With our forces combine, we are MRS.

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