Striving to design and build the lightest beams (under two pounds) to hold a certain amount of weight (2500-9000 pounds) this competition requires optimizing our design and applying concepts we learn in class.
Last year, we had seven teams competing in May in North Carolina in carbon fiber, glass fiber, and natural fiber categories. All seven teams hit design load, with our Carbon Fiber Square Beam team placing 3rd! This year, we will be expanding our program to 10 teams, and hope to place in multiple categories.

We would love any help with sponsorship, mentorship, or materials! Please contact us at if you would like to support us!


Thank you to our current sponsors:

Toray Industries       Evonik      Pacific Coast Components


Team members at 2019 SAMPE Conference

Team members at the 2019 SAMPE Conference in North Carolina!

Measuring out plies Laying up a beam Preparing a vacuum bag