UCLA Speech Processing and Auditory Perception Laboratory

Student Awards

Alexander Johnson: Amazon Fellow (2023-2024), Collegium of University Teaching Fellow (2022-2023), Augustine Esogbue Scholarship (2022), UCLA Rising to the Challenge-Graduate Summer Research Fellowship (2021, Eugene V. Cota-Robles Fellowship (2018-2022)

Gang Chen Dimitri N. Chorafas Research Award (2014)

Harish Arsikere: Distinguished PhD Dissertation Award in Signals & Systerms (2014)

Lee Ngee Tan: UCLA Dissertation Award (2014)

Tiancheng Zhao: Outstanding Bachelor of Science Degree (2014)

Gary Yeung: Outstanding Bachelor of Science Student in the EE Dept. (2015) AND Harry M. Showman award, HSSEAS. (2015)

Gary Yeung: Best Performance on the PhD Qualifying Exam In Signals and Systems (2017)

Jinxi Guo: UCLA Dissertation Award (2018-2019)

Alexandar Johnson: Eugene V. Cota-Robles Award (2018-2022)

Paper Awards

Gang Chen, Soo Jin Park, Jody Kreiman, and Abeer Alwan, "Investigating the effect of F0 and vocal intensity on harmonic magnitudes: Data from high-speed laryngeal videoendoscopy" Interspeech 2014, pp 1668 - 1872 [Best student paper award finalist]

C. Long, P. Bangayan, and A.Alwan, "Acoustic Analysis and Synthesis of Pathological Voice Qualities,"JASA, Vol. 93, No. 3, Pt. 2, 2aSP9, Oct. 1993. This paper received the best student paper award in Speech Communication at the ASA meeting.

B. Strope and A. Alwan, "Dynamic auditory representations and statistical speech recognition: Threading spectral peaks for robust recognition,'' Proc. of the Acoustical Societies of Amer. and Japan, Vol. 100, No. 4, 2788, Dec. 1996. This paper received the best student paper award in Speech Communication.

J. Hant and A. Alwan, "Modeling the masking of Formant Transitions in Noise,"Proc. of Eurospeech 99, Budapest, Hungary, Vol. 4, pp. 1895-1898.Best student paper award finalist in Speech Communication at Eurospeech '99.

G. Chen, M. Garellek, J. Kreiman, B. R. Gerratt, A. Alwan, " A perceptually and physiologically motivated voice source model", Interspeech 2013, pp. 2001-2005. [Best student paper award finalist]

Y. Shue, S. Shattuck-Hufnagel, M. Iseli, S. Jun, N. Veilleux, and A. Alwan, " Effects of Intonational Phrase Boundaries on Pitch-Accented Syllables in American English ," Interspeech 2008, pp. 873-876. Best Student Paper Award