UCLA Speech Processing and Auditory Perception Laboratory


Professor Abeer Alwan (CV)

Current PhD Students

Vijay Ravi

Alexander Johnson

Ruchao Fan

Jinhan Wang

Vishwas Shetty

Eray Eren

Natarajan Balaji Shankar

Current MS Students

Yunzheng Zhu

Khushbu Pahwa

Former Visiting Faculty

Seiji Hayashi (2010 - 2011), Associate Professor of Electronics and Computer Systems at Takushoku University, Japan

Kohichi Ogata (2011 - 2012), Associate Professor of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at Kumamoto University, Japan

Emma Rodero (2014 - 2015), Professor of Communication and Psychology at University Pompeu Fabra, Spain

Oh Wook Kwon (2015 - 2016), Professor of Electrical Engineering, Chungbuk National University, South Korea

Former Post-Doctoral Scholars

Mark Hasegawa-Johnson (1996 - 1999, now a Professor of Electrical Engineering at UIUC)

Markus Iseli (2007 - 2008, now with Education Department at UCLA)

Former PhD Students

Shrikanth Narayanan (Ph.D. 1995, now an Andrew Viterbi Prof. of Engineering at USC)

Brian Strope (M.S. 1995, Ph.D. 1998, now with Google)

Marcio Siqueira (Ph.D. 1998, now at Amazon)

Sam Roweis (Ph.D. 1999, from Caltech, deceased, was a Prof. at the U. Toronto at NYU)

Hsiang-Feng Chi (Ph.D. 1999, now Vice President, RichWave Technology, Taiwan)

Jim Hant (Ph.D. 2000, now at The Aerospace Inc.)

Qifeng Zhu (Ph.D. 2001, now Founder and CEO of Kouyo100)

Alexis Bernard (Ph.D. 2002, now the CTO of Hubbell Inc, NY)

Brian Gabelman (Ph.D. 2003, now with EPA)

Jintao Jiang (Ph.D. 2003, now with Applications Technology(AppTek))

Marcelo Rosa (Ph.D. 2003, now a Professor UTFPR, Brazil)

Xiaodong Cui (Ph.D. 2005, now with IBM)

Markus Iseli (Ph.D. 2007, now with Education Department at UCLA)

Sankaran Panchapagesan (Ph.D. 2008, now with Google)

Jianxia Xue (Ph.D. 2008, now with Google)

Hong You (Ph.D. 2009, now with Audience)

Yen-Liang Shue (Ph.D. 2010, now with Dolby, Australia)

Jonas Borgstrom (Ph.D. 2010, now with MIT Lincoln Labs)

Shizhen Wang (Ph.D. 2010, now with Microsoft)

Wei Chu (Ph.D. 2011, now with Snapchat)

Gang Chen (Ph.D. 2014, now with Qualcomm)

Lee Ngee Tan (Ph.D. 2014, now with DSO National Laboratories, Singapore)

Harish Arsikere (Ph.D. 2014, now with Amazon)

Kantapon Kaewtip (PhD. 2017, Associate Professor, Ubon Ratchathani University, Thailand)

Soo Jin Park (PhD. 2019, now with Qualcomm)

Jinxi Guo (PhD. 2019, now with Meta)

Gary Yeung (Ph.D. 2022, now with Qualcomm)

Amber Afshan (Ph.D. 2022, now with Amazon)

Former MS Students

Albert Shen (M.S. 1994, now with Intel Inc.)

Yong Song (M.S. 1995, now with Conexant)

Wayne Beyever (M.S. 1996, now with GN ReSound)

Phil Bangayan (M.S. 1996, now at Universal Studios)

Vaggelis Petsalis (M.S. 1997, now with The Aerospace Inc.)

Lisa Falkson (M.S. 1998, now with Google)

Jeff Lo (.S. 1998, now with NEC)

Amit Rane (M.S. 1998, now with Intel Inc.)

Steve Chen (M.S. 1999, Rockwell Science Center)

Vladimir Teplitsky (M.S. 2001, now with Advanced Bionics)

Marcia Chen (M.S. 2001, now a patent attorney)

Willa Chen (M.S. 2001, now with TRW)

Ivo Locher (M.S. 2002, now at Sefar AG Switzerland after Ph.D. from ETH, Zurich)

Ziad Al Bawab (M.S. 2003, now with Yahoo)

Jie Zhao (M.S. 2010, now with Microsoft)

Eleanor Lee (B.S. 2008, M.S. 2010, now with Intel)

Rudiger Carl Lippert (M.S. 2010, now with Google)

Gary Ka Fu Leung (M.S. 2012, now with Raytheon)

Aytekin Cabuk (M.S. 2012, now with Booking.com in Amsterdam)

Sen Li (M.S. 2012, now with Qualcomm)

Julien van Hout (M.S. 2012, now with SRI International)

Brian Haan (M.S. 2012, now with Broadcom)

Juan Cortes (M.S. 2013, now a PhD student in Chile)

Anirudh Raju (M.S. 2014, now with Amazon)

Hitesh Anand Gupta (M.S. 2014, now with AI sense)

Angli Liu (M.S. 2014, now with Kilopass Technology)

Rohit Paturi (M.S. 2015, now with Audience)

Deepak Muralidharan (2017, now at Apple, Cupertino)

Kailun Qian (2017, now at Microsoft, Seattle)

Usha Nookala (2017, now with Volvo Cars R&D, Silicon Valley)

Rutuja Ubale (2017, now with ETS, San Francisco)

Kaan Ege Ozgun (2018, now with Google, Mountain View)

Former Undergraduate Research Students

Christopher Long (B.S. 1993, now with ReSound, after a postdoc at Cambridge Univ.)

Edmond Chui (B.S. in CS&E 1996, now with Oracle and Stanford Univ.)

Rod Speece (B.S. 1996, now with Lockheed)

Katherine Kwong (B.S. 1996, now with The MathWorks, Inc.)

Amira Ghoneim (B.S. 2001, with the State Dept. after graduate studies at Stanford Univ.)

Michael Smith (B.S. 2001)

Eleanor Lee (B.S. 2008, now with Intel)

Sean Coffin (B.S. 2009, now a graduate student at Stanford)

Gary Leung (B.S. 2009, now at Raytheon)

Juan Cortes (B.S. 2010)

Melissa Erickson (B.S. 2012, now at Cisco)

Michael Paul (B.S. 2013)

Tiancheng (Tony) Zhao (B.S. 2014, now a graduate student at CMU)

Huasi (Queenie) Zhao (B.S. 2014, now at Direct TV)

Ashley Yu (B.S. 2015, now at Stanford)

Jenny Chieu (BS 2017, now with Amazon)

Visiting Students

Jochen Lenz (2005, from Germany)

Anna Otto (2005, from Germany)

Xue Feng (Summer 2009, from Xi'an Jiaotong University, China)

Alessandro Prestigiacomo (Fall 2009, from Sapienza - University of Rome, Italy)

Thomas Drugman (Spring 2010, from TCTS Lab - University of Mons, Belgium)

Samuel Edson (Winter 2014, from MIT)

Rafael Torres (Spring & Summer 2014, from ENSEIRB, France)

Yiyang Xia (Summer 2014, from Stony Brook University, Long Island, NY)

Platon Lukyanenko (Summer 2014, from University of Maryland, College Park, MD)

Colm O'Reilly (Spring and Summer 2015, from Trinity College Dublin, Ireland)

Scott Shi (Summer 2015 from UCLA)

Rene Plowden (Summer 2015 from UNCW)

Zhi Ming Chua (2017-18, from Imperial College London)