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Lectures by Prof.  F.F. Chen

Part 1   Introduction to Plasma Science
Part 2   Introduction to Gas Discharges
Part 3   Plasma Sources I: Introduction
Part 4   Plasma Sources II: Sheaths and RIE reactors
Part 5   Plasma Sources III: ECR and ICP reactors
Part 6   Plasma Sources IV: Helicon and high-density plasmas
Part 7   Plasma Diagnostics
Part 8   Current Problems in Semiconductor Processing

Lectures by Prof.
J.P. Chang

Part 1

Overview of Plasma Processing

Part 2

Kinetic Theory and Collisions

Part 3

Atomic Collisions and Spectra

Part 4

Molecular Collisions and Spectra

Part 5

Plasma Diagnostics

Part 6

Plasma Surfact Kinetics
Part 7 Feature Evolution and Modeling
Part 8 Current Problems in Semiconductor Processing


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